Host an Event

We know that our supporters often find organizing fundraising events for the animals in our care to be fun and rewarding. Animal lovers just like you have raised money through a variety of events such as birthday parties, garage sales, lemonade stands, concerts, etc. No matter how large or small, your contribution will have an impact on the animal lives touched by the Toronto Humane Society.

Try our easy-to-use online fundraising tool to create your event, and start your very own fundraiser for the animals today!

All events must be approved by the Toronto Humane Society prior to promoting or executing the event. If you aren't using the online tool above, please submit an Event Proposal Form at least one month before the event date.

The following guidelines can help you plan for your special event:

  1. Brainstorm ideas and decide on an event. The only limit is your imagination: A-thons - walk, skip, bike, dance, knit, swim; Auctions – use donated goods, hand made products, etc.; Arts and Crafts Shows; Birthday Parties or Personal Celebrations; Galas; Garage Sales; Theme Parties; School Events.
  2. Form an event planning committee. Recruit enthusiastic people to help you. Decide on roles/tasks for all committee members.
  3. Set the date and location. Schedule your event for a day, time and location that provides you with plenty of time to plan and promote it properly.
  4. Set fundraising goals and a budget. It is important you know all your costs before embarking on an event. This will help you monitor your expenses. It will also help you determine your fundraising goals. The lower your cost, the higher the contribution. Determine how money will be collected and handled. Work with the THS staff to determine plans for tax receipts
  5. Submit an Event Proposal Form to the Toronto Humane Society or register your event online at
  6. Determine legal, insurance, liability, permit and safety issues you may need to address.
  7. Develop a publicity/promotion plan. Flyers, posters and other promotional materials will help generate awareness and excitement about your event. The Toronto Humane Society can provide you with a limited quantity of materials (brochures, AnimalTalk, Calendars) upon request.
  8. Solicit sponsors, Invite participants. Remember thank you's and recognition. Don't forget to recognize those who helped organize and participate in the event.

Application must be approved by The Toronto Humane Society prior to publicizing or holding events.

How the Toronto Humane Society Can Help

We can provide the following once your event has been approved:

  • Tax receipts, if applicable, or receipting support according to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.
  • A support letter that validates the authenticity of the event
  • Limited promotional supplies, such as brochures.

How the Toronto Humane Society Cannot Help

The Toronto Humane Society cannot provide the following:

  • Funding or reimbursement for any event expenses
  • Mail/email lists such as donor lists
  • THS animals (i.e., dogs and/or cats) to participate in or at the event
  • Guaranteed staff representatives to attend or participate in the event
  • Applications for gaming licenses, e.g., bingos, lotteries or raffles.
  • Permits, licenses and insurance
  • Access to sponsors
  • Prizes, auction items, awards

Rules and Regulations:


The Event Proposal Form must be submitted to the Toronto Humane Society one month prior to publicizing or holding the event
The name and logo of the Toronto Humane Society are registered trademarks. You will not be permitted to use them without receiving prior written permission. The event must show sufficient potential for income and/or community awareness for the THS to warrant the use of the name and/or logo.
The Toronto Humane Society reserves the right to withdraw the use of its name at any time, and will not assume any costs that may be involved in doing so.
If the event is cancelled, the event organizer agrees to contact The Toronto Humane Society at least 48 hours prior to the event.
The Toronto Humane Society will not assume any legal or financial responsibility and is not responsible for any damage or accidents to persons or property.


The Toronto Humane Society reserves the right to work with the event organizer on promotional and/or publicity efforts.
If the logo or name of the Toronto Humane Society is to be used in any printed form (e.g. brochures, flyers, posters, banners, etc.) it must be approved by the Toronto Humane Society prior to production.
All information released to the media must be reviewed by the Toronto Humane Society prior to distribution. The event organizer assumes complete responsibility for making media contacts. It must be made clear the Toronto Humane Society is not the organization requesting the participation of the media. Existing THS advertising in newspapers, on television or radio must not be used to benefit the event.
Promotion of the event to THS staff and volunteers can occur internally, at the discretion of the THS.


The Toronto Humane Society has a legal obligation to be consistent with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency guidelines. To ensure there is a distinction between the Toronto Humane Society and all third party events, the event organizer must handle all monies until the official donation is submitted to the Toronto Humane Society.
All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit The Toronto Humane Society.
Money raised must be received within 90 days of the event. A financial accounting of the event income and expenses may be requested by the Toronto Humane Society upon completion of the event.

Tax Receipts

The Toronto Humane Society is a registered charity and will be pleased to issue charitable tax receipts upon request if the following Canada Customs and Revenue Agency conditions apply:

Tax receipts can be issued to event donors providing the following conditions are met:

The Toronto Humane Society cannot issue tax receipts for donated services or paid services (e.g., graphic design, advertising, construction, entertainment, tent set-up etc.), or for product sales.

Planning a Birthday Celebration?

We are thrilled to partner with ECHOage, a birthday party website that helps kids give to charity while getting great gifts. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose any birthday gifts they want AND make a donation to the Toronto Humane Society. Your child's next birthday is the perfect occasion to give to others while getting birthday gifts they will always remember. And the best part? It's so easy - and fun - to give!

Planning a Baby or Wedding Shower?

Thanks to GIFTED you can now fundraise, send online invitations, manage your event, receive cash gifts, and donate in-honour of your baby or wedding shower all in one place. Visit to learn about how you can start today!