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Happy Tails

(Formerly Mercury) I adopted Billie on July 22, 2019, which happened to have been the day after my 26th birthday. I had been wanting a cat for some time, and new that for my first ever adoption I wanted it to be a kitten. When we arrived, most of the kittens had already been claimed, leaving two small black kitties ready for adoption. Back in 2017, my family had already taken in a black cat so initially, I pictured getting a kitten with a different coloured coat. However, once I saw Billie, I knew I just had to take her home. There is so much superstition around black cats being 'unlucky,' but she has been the complete opposite. Billie has brought so much light into my life and everyone that meets her. She's incredibly clever, loves to chat, can sit on command, and eats any and all spiders