Adoption Process

The adoption process at Toronto Humane Society consists of 4 steps:

We are doing our best to serve everyone. In just 2 months we have received over 11,000 adoption applications from interested people. On average, we process around 3,000 adoptions annually. We are thrilled with the outpour of support from our community, but as you can imagine this has created quite the back log for us. We are currently booking over 100 appointments a week and encourage you to look back daily for new appointment openings.

Step 1 - Adoption Meeting Booking System

Once you have found an animal that you are interested in adoption, please book an Adoption Counselling Appointment by clicking on the calendar linked below. While booking the appointment, you’ll see a questionnaire that asks for your contact information, your family’s situation, lifestyle and expectations, as well as specific questions about the care needs of the species you intend to adopt, such as diet, housing, enrichment and socialization, training and veterinary care. This questionnaire helps our team match you with the right animal based on your lifestyle and expectations, and helps us to identify if there are any aspects of care or behaviour that we can provide more information about.

For more information about the animals in our care, please check their individual profiles. If the animal you’re interested in does not have any photos of a biography, the Adoption Counsellor you speak with may be able to provide more information on the animal during your appointment.

If you see that an animal is “on hold” on their profile, this means that an adopter has shown interest in the animal and they are going through the adoption process. If for some reason the adoption doesn’t go through, the Adoption Team will move onto the next application. Animals without a hold are still looking for a forever home – please ask about them during your Adoption Counselling Appointment.

*If you need to cancel this appointment at any time, please click on the cancellation link in your appointment confirmation e-mail.

Book An Adoption Counselling Appointment

Adoption Counselling Appointments are released on a rolling calendar day, with new slots opening up every day for the next 48 hours. These slots often fill up quickly as we are fortunate to have a high number of individuals looking to adopt.

If you would like to save your responses to your adoption application for future use, we recommend downloading the applications noted below and saving your responses.

Step 2 - Virtual Counseling

Once you have registered for an Adoption Counselling Appointment, you will receive an email with a Microsoft Teams Video Meeting Link – please use this link to access the virtual meeting. An Adoption Counselor will be available at your chosen appointment time and will conduct your virtual Adoption Counselling Appointment to find out more about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a companion animal. We will use this time to provide advice about animal care and behaviour training, as well as detailed information about the animal you are interested in. This conversation is a good opportunity for us to get a sense of whether the animal is a good match for you and to ensure that you and the animal will be happy together.

You will be asked to provide Government issued photo ID (and a photo of your cage/enclosure for small mammals, birds and reptiles if you are interested in adopting one of these animals) during the call.

*If you are late to your virtual Adoption Counselling Appointment, we will attempt to call you on the number you provided on your questionnaire. If 15 minutes have passed, we will have to move onto our next appointment. If you miss your appointment, you can re-book another appointment.

Step 3 - Virtual Meet and Greet

Adoption Counsellors will conduct a virtual conference for up to a one-hour period, enabling you to meet the pet and get to know more about them. Virtual meet and greets will be with a Toronto Humane Society Adoption Counsellor, the animal’s Foster Parent if the animal is in a Foster home, or with an additional Toronto Humane Society staff member if the animal is on site. Virtual meet and greets are scheduled for a date and time following the initial Adoption Counselling appointment.

  1. Adopters will discuss a date and time for the meet and greet during the adoption counselling session or may alternatively receive an email notifying them when the video call will be conducted. We will always attempt to conduct the meet and greet directly after your adoption counseling session, however from time to time, this may be scheduled for a different time or day, depending foster parent and staff availability.
  2. We will do our best to work with you to find a time that fits your schedule
  3. Additional questions will include health status and exposure of adopters to COVID-19

Step 4 - Finalizing the Adoption

If everything goes well at the meet and greet, and both you and the adoption counselor feel that the animal is a good match for your home, we will provide you with instructions concerning adoption fees, pick-up times, and continuing care for your new animal companion - this too will be done virtually. Payment will done with one of our Pet Support Agents via video call while using our online Toronto Humane Society payment portal. Please note at this time we can only accept credit card payments from Amex, Visa and Mastercard.

Type Pricing
Adult Dogs (local) $250*
Adult Dogs (transfer) $400*
Puppies (local and transfer) $500*
Special Needs $100*
Kittens $120*
Cats $60*
Small Domestics See list
* Prices include Tax
Some of the dogs in our care have been transferred in from other shelters and rescue partners. These animals may have a higher adoption fee to help offset the cost of transferring them to us.

Basic Requirements:

If we have a successful Adoption Counselling Appointment but aren’t able to agree on an animal who is the best match for your home, we will enter your details into our Waiting List for up to 3 weeks. This does not guarantee a call back, however in the event of a cancellation we will begin calling individuals on our waiting list. Due to the high volume of applicants, we are only able to attempt one call. If you are available and can go through the adoption process, we will use the opportunity to talk to you about a potential animal that would be a good fit. If you miss our call, or you haven’t been called in 3 weeks, we encourage you to sign back up for another meeting with our adoption agents through the above link.

Thank you for choosing Toronto Humane Society to help you find your new forever friend.

If you would like to search other places for an animal, please remember to do your research ahead of time end ensure you are choosing a reputable source. is a good resource to find a potential animal for your home, however, it is a listing site, so please take caution when choosing the organization you are going to adopt from.