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*Toronto Humane Society is continuing to work towards opening our doors with your safety and health as our priority. With this in mind we are currently only offering Private and Training Walks to the public at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please follow our social media for regular updates and news. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Toronto Humane Society Dog Walking Team is a group of highly trained and passionate animal lovers strongly invested in welfare and professionalism. Collectively, we bring years of experience in animal care to this service, drawing from varied backgrounds in shelter care, commercial dog walking, commercial and in shelter dog training and behavior modification and business development.

Why Hire Us?

We stand above the crowd and we believe we are the best in our field:

  • We are highly trained. THS Dog Walkers complete a very rigorous skills and handling training program and pass practical skills assessment tests before we hand over the leash. Walkers accumulate over 100 hours of training before they start working with dogs
  • We are Force Free. Your dog will be treated with love and kindness
  • We are passionate about running a commercial dog walking service that raises money to save more animal lives. All the money we raise through this service goes directly back to shelter operations
  • We fill an underserved niche. We provide private neighbourhood walks, training walks and group adventure walks. We can tailor our service to suit your dog’s needs
  • We are dependable and accountable. You will receive a detailed walk summary after every walk and our walks are gps tracked
  • We happily provide glowing references


Beverley McKee, Manager
ACDBC, CPDT-KA, Fear Free Animal Trainer Professional

Hi, my name is Bev and I manage Toronto Humane Society’s Dog Walking Service. I also manage our Public Dog Training Services. I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario in an animal loving family that included a miniature schnauzer named Sprite, an Appaloosa gelding name Beaver and a barn cat named Cleo.

My early years were spent at dog shows and horse shows. I spent a number of years in the corporate world after university but never stopped wishing that I could spend all day working with animals so I took a huge leap of faith and changed careers, launching a very successful dog walking and dog training company in Toronto’s West end.

While running my business, I co-founded and administered a 500+ strong collective of commercial dog walkers and also co-founded a dog walker educational initiative called EduCanine (recently named by CBC as one of the top 10 best resources for credible information about all things dog related). I also started and still maintain an informal dog trainer collective called the Tricky Trainers Collective. In 2018 I joined the Toronto Humane Society Training Team as a certified animal trainer.

I am an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (ACDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and a Fear Free Animal Trainer Professional through Fear Free Pets.

I live in the west end of Toronto with my two Australian Cattle Dogs, Petunia and Luke.

Gloria Jonak, Dog Walker

I am a dog trainer and work at a shelter in Toronto. I deal with all sorts of behaviours that come across from leash reactivity(human and or dogs) resource guarding, fearful behaviour. I am passionate about my career, consistent and patient. I am all about setting dogs up for success. I have always owned dogs (various breeds) and still do till this day. I also have a valid G license and a vehicle. I can guarantee your pets will be very happy and comfortable with me!

Jessica Matos, Dog Walker

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica Matos and I’ve been working for Toronto Humane Society for 7 years now. I grew up with dogs so I became an Animal Care Worker on the canine team.

I really enjoyed being an ACW because you get to meet all different types, temperaments and breeds of dogs but my favourite part was walking and feeding them. I recently took the opportunity to join the Canine Training Department and become a dog walker because all my training is hands-on and I wanted to learn more about dog behaviour modification by working closely with the trainers on the training team.

It’s very heartwarming helping dogs get comfortable at the shelter but watching a dog walking client puppy grow and helping them with manners or fear and having them trust me to guide them through their early socialization is such an amazing experience. I also enjoy helping fearful or reactive dogs feel comfortable on their daily walks and am proud of the work I’ve done with some of our more fearful client dogs. I’m looking forward to meeting your dogs.


Service Type* Price
Private Walks (5 walks a week/monthly discount currently available) $28/30 minutes
Two Dogs, Same household/family $35/30 minutes
Puppy and Senior Visits $27/30 minutes
Training Walks $50/30 minutes
Group Adventure Walks $23/60 minutes


"After moving to our new neighborhood, we spent months looking for the right dog walker. Having two dogs, each with their own unique personalities, and one of which being a rescue, it was important to us that we find someone with the right level of skill and flexibility. The walkers at the Humane Society have exceeded all of our expectations and allow us to feel confident every day that our dogs are in the best possible hands. They provide regular updates, are readily available to answer questions, and adapt with our moving schedule. Most importantly, they put our dogs' well-being and safety above anything else. Jessica has been fantastic at working with our dog Luna and her leash reactivity. We feel very fortunate to have found this service!"– Chloe and Luna

"When my new dog walker came in through the door a few Thursdays ago, it took me about 2.3 seconds to realize I made a new best friend. Chloe takes great care of me and takes me on fun walks all by myself around the neighborhood! I love that I get Chloe all to myself because I can be a bit of an attention hog (so I'm told!). By the next week, I was already wagging my tail in excitement when I heard the keys turning in the lock and when I smelled and saw it was Chloe I was so happy! My Thursday afternoon walks with Chloe are my favourite. Thank you THS for sending this awesome person to walk me!" – Compass

"I (Chivo) am ecstatic with the Toronto Humane Society walking service! Firstly, the initial meeting was very productive. We went through all my 'problem' areas, like what gives me the scaries, things I get very excited with and what time I need to do my business. We were given details on how the walkers will address my problems in detail, making the hoomans confident that I was very safe in their care, and my needs and safety were number 1!
The same week I met my amazing walkers! I love my walkers because they come and teach me how to be a good boy every day! When I used to go on group walks with a different company, I learned things like how to jump up on people and tug on my leash. With my new walkers, I have learned to greet my hoomans with a sitting bum wiggle, and I trot nicely beside them when an my leash. They say I am now a 100% good boy (well almost :P). "
– Chivo

"Jessica / THS walking services has been amazing helping our very shy and nervous rescue Ruby right from the beginning at 4 month old, adjust to her new busy city environment. Jessica has made us feel reassured with her daily updates outlining Ruby's progress and her work to help her slowly feel more comfortable with new neighbourhood environments and city sounds. We can tell Jessica has made a huge effort to make sure that they have a great relationship, and that Ruby really loves her for it!" – Ruby

"When I adopted my 1 year old terrier/shepherd mix from a rescue, I had a good idea of what she'd need: some obedience training, recall work, exercise, a healthy diet and of course lots of love. What I didn't expect was that my Mara was an escape artist... chewing through leashes, jumping over fences less than 5 feet high, and so squirrel-obsessed that she would even run into traffic to follow them across the street! Thank goodness we found a dog walker who was willing to work with us. Bev had many techniques at her disposal to keep Mara safe and happy, and was prepared to take the time to develop a relationship with Mara as her recall and other training improved. We are so grateful to have a walker who is conscious of the issues that rescues can present, and has the skills to manage them." – Mara (and her human Melanie)

"My dog walker really knows each dog well enough as if they were her own and THAT'S the kind of person I want walking my dog." – Grace and Ricky

"We always can trust our dogs are safe and well taken care of in Bev’s charge and best of all on their days with her they come home exhausted! She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them - we would not hesitate to recommend her." – Shana, Penny and Mini Cooper

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