Transfers From Other Shelters

Toronto Humane Society believes that rescue and sheltering is not a competition, it is all about working together to assist as many animals in need as possible, we make every effort to ensure that all animals in our community, and beyond, have access to care and shelter.

Partnerships and Alliances

Toronto Humane Society has formed partnerships and alliances with various animal rescue organizations and communities throughout Ontario, across Canada and around the world. Through these relationships we strive to reduce euthanasia due to lack of space. We also provide intake assistance to communities in the event of natural disasters.

If you are a member of a rescue group in need of assistance please contact our Rescue Team at The fax number for the Intake Department is 416-392-9963.

Last Year (2019) our Rescue Team helped intake more than 1700 Animals from other Agencies and Communities.

If you would like to contribute and support our Rescue Programs please click here