Frequently Asked Questions

The Toronto Humane Society is the largest, non-government run shelter in Ontario. Last year alone we cared for over 3,000 animals in need.

Most of our animals find loving new, families in two to three weeks, but those who need extra care or are elderly may take a bit longer. It's our guarantee to you that we will never put down a healthy animal that has a chance at happiness.

PLUS, when you decide to sponsor you'll get a new best friend! You'll get an update on the animals in your kennel every two months and a special Sponsor Kit which includes your personalized sponsorship certificate, window sticker and sponsorship guide.

What will my Kennel Sponsorship money be used for?

Your Kennel Sponsorship contributions will be used to help all the dogs and cats currently in the care of the Toronto Humane Society and those who'll be coming in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Your donations are used to assist us with everything we do from feeding to surgeries and kennel maintenance and heating.

Why do you need my help?

Looking after more than 3,000 needy animals a year is a big job and a big responsibility! We receive no municipal, provincial or federal funding, so we rely completely on animal lovers like you to keep our doors open.

Can I visit my kennel?

Your kennel is a virtual kennel. Your gift will go to help all the animals in all our kennels. We would love to offer you a tour of the shelter so you can see how your sponsorship is making a difference. If you would like to arrange a tour, please phone us on 416-392-2273.

Will I be the only sponsor for my kennel?

No. Kennel Sponsorship is a co-sponsor initiative to help all the animals in our care.

How often will I hear about my kennel?

You will receive bi-monthly updates with stories and pictures of the animals you're helping.

Can I sponsor a kennel as a gift for someone else?

Of course! On the 'Your Information' page you'll see an area that says "Is this a gift?". Just follow the prompts and your generosity is sure to make someone smile.

Can I stop my Kennel Sponsorship?

You can. Just call us at 416-392-2273 ext. 2166 or 2162 or email and one of our donor representatives will be happy to assist you.