60¢ may not seem like much to us - but to our animals, it's priceless!

Here at Toronto Humane Society we find homes for over 3,000 abandoned dogs and cats each and every year.

By signing up as a Kennel Sponsor today, you're ensuring that all our animals receive medical attention, food, shelter, enrichment and love. For many of our animals, this may be the first time in their life they've been truly loved and cared for.

Becoming a sponsor is easy... just choose the kind of animal you'd like to support and click away!

Your Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  • A special Sponsor Kit.

    This package includes a digital personalized sponsorship certificate and sponsorship guide that you can print.

  • Updates.

    We'll email you photos and stories of the animals that have stayed in your kennel every month!

  • Perks.

    A FREE subscription to Animal Talk, Toronto Humane Society's bi-annual magazine.

  • Happiness!

    Knowing that your monthly sponsorship is saving lives will make you feel great!