Small Animals

Comfort Package
Comfort Package$25

Every small animal is provided with a safe and warm enclosure at the Toronto Humane Society. A Comfort Package gift will provide them with bedding and toys to keep them happy and comfortable while they rest in their kennel between enrichment visits from our volunteers.

Terrific Teeth Dental Kit
Terrific Teeth Dental Kit$65

Small pets like guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas have teeth that continually grow, so it’s very important to give small pets the opportunity to regularly wear their teeth down. Sadly, a lot of the pets we see have overgrown teeth when they arrive at the shelter. A Terrific Teeth Dental Kit will provide a teeth-trimming appointment and chews to prevent uncomfortable dental issues in the future.

Healthy Snacks Package
Healthy Snacks Package$10

We feed our small animals a daily portion of healthy, fresh snacks including lettuce, kale, apples, herbs and carrot tops. A Healthy Snacks Package gift will provide one animal with fresh produce for a week.

Intake Health Check
Intake Health Check$40

Every animal receives an initial health check when they arrive at the shelter to ensure they are healthy. An Intake Health Check gift will provide an examination of the eyes, ears and teeth. Older animals will have bloodwork tests, and some will require further examination including skin tests and x-rays.

Sleepover Kit
Sleepover Kit$80

Not all small animals spend their entire stay in the shelter. Many need to go to a foster home before they are made available for adoption. Small animals stay in foster homes for many reasons – if they are recovering from an injury or illness, or if they are expecting a litter. A Sleepover Kit will provide everything a small animal needs when they go to a foster home – an enclosure, food, bedding and toys.

Best Buds Package
Best Buds Package$35

Small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and degus are social creatures and prefer to live with a partner. The bonding process needs to be handled carefully and can take days or even weeks to complete successfully. A Best Buds Package will provide two pets with everything they need while they get to know their new friend!