Comfort Package
Comfort Package$25

Every cat is provided with a safe and warm kennel at the Toronto Humane Society. A Comfort Package gift will provide them with a cozy blanket, bed and toys to keep them happy and comfortable while they rest in their kennel between enrichment visits from our volunteers.

Set for Life Kitten kit
Set for Life Kitten kit$75

Hundreds of kittens are born under the care of the Toronto Humane Society every year. A Set-for-Life Kitten Kit will provide them with kitten food (after nursing) and vaccinations to protect them against diseases such as rabies and feline panleukopenia.

Back to School
Back to School$150

Many cats come to the Toronto Humane Society because their owners are having trouble managing certain behaviours. A Back-to-School gift will help our Behaviour Team work with every cat individually and provide them with a personalized training program so they can better cope with the things that make them nervous, afraid or aggressive.

Seven Days of Supper
Seven Days of Supper$15

Most of the cats receive three meals a day while at the shelter, plus treat puzzles to keep them busy while they’re in their kennel. The Seven Days of Supper gift provides six cats their supper for a week.

Intake Health Check
Intake Health Check$40

Every cat receives an initial health check when they arrive at the shelter to ensure they are healthy. An Intake Health Check gift will provide an examination of the eyes, ears and teeth. Older cats will have bloodwork tests, and many cats require further examination including skin tests and x-rays.

Sleepover Kit
Sleepover Kit$80

Not all cats spend their entire stay in the shelter. Many need to go to a foster home before they are made available for adoption. Cats stay in foster homes for many reasons – if they are recovering from an injury or illness, or if they are following a training plan for behavioural issues. A Sleepover Kit will provide everything a cat needs when they go to a foster home – a bed, food, kitty litter and toys.