Video Conference Backgrounds

We all know that your job's video conference meetings can't be avoided but you can certainly make them more fun! Use any of our professionally photographed adorable animals as your background and you'll be making a pawsitive impression instantly!

How to download and install for Zoom.

How to download and install for Microsoft Teams

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Zoom Background Use

  • Login to the Zoom software or web application
  • Within the navigation menu click Account Management then Account Settings.
  • Within the Meeting tab click the Virtual Background selection and ensure that the setting is enabled.
  • Click Manage virtual background to upload background images available. Users must have client version 5.1.1 or higher for this to take effect
  • You may need to sign out of Zoom and sign back in for the background settings to take effect.

Visit Zoom for more assistance

Microsoft Teams Background Use

  • Begin your video conference call via Microsoft Teams.
  • Within the menu bar at the bottom of your meeting screen click the ellipse tab and then click the ‘show background effects' from the pop-up menu.
  • A widget should appear on the right of your screen, click the ‘+ AddNew’ at the top of this new widget
  • Navigate through your files to the image you wish to make as your background.
  • After selecting and uploading the image of choice scroll down and click on your newly image.
  • Click the apply button at the bottom of the right widget.
  • Your background should now appear on your video conferencing screen. Close the right widget when done.


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