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Meet Zina & Her Newborn Puppies

Meet Zina & Her Newborn Puppies

June 01, 2014

Five-year-old Zina arrived in our shelter in desperate need of emergency medical attention. She was in the middle of giving birth to her puppies when one got stuck. Zina’s life was in serious danger as were her newborns. She was rushed into surgery at the Toronto Humane Society clinic where she was given an emergency c-section. Zina had four puppies, two are doing ok but sadly two puppies didn’t make it. Zina, and her two-day-old newborns have been placed in a foster home with one of our shelter staff. He will bring the puppies and Zina into the shelter clinic every day to be checked.

Zina is being given pain medication to help make her feel comfortable. The puppies need to be closely monitored and weighed very day to ensure they are gaining enough weight - if not they will need to be bottle fed.

Emergency medical cases come through our doors regularly. Sometimes they are injuries from the result of an accident animal cruelty, or medical cases requiring surgery.

We need your help today to continue to care for Zina and her puppies, to give them the daily care and veterinary attention needed for the puppies to grow up strong and for mom to recover from her surgery. Without government funding, we rely 100% on donations from caring people like you. Your donation today will help Zina and her puppies, as well as the next animal that’s expected to come through our doors any time now, in desperate need of help. Click here to donate and share the story with your friends: