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Dr. Jacques Messier Receives CAHI Industry Leadership Award

Dr. Jacques Messier Receives CAHI Industry Leadership Award

June 18, 2014

Dr. Jacques Messier, Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto Humane Society is the 2014 recipient of the Canadian Animal Health Institute’s (CAHI) Industry Leadership Award. While presenting the award, CAHI President Jean Szkotnicki provided a brief overview of Jacques’ career and the many roles he pursued.

“Jacques Messier has expertise in a number of areas and has left a beneficial mark in all the positions he engaged in. When one looks at the scope of contributions that veterinarians make to animal and human health, the career of Jacques Messier is a reflection of one who has done it all. He got his feet wet in mixed animal practice, he influenced animal health policy within Health Canada, and he helped expand markets of Canadian livestock genetics, leading to improved animal production around the world. In a short while at the University of Saskatchewan’s Veterinary Medical Center, he oversaw the construction of new hospital facilities, which enables the treatment of more than 18,000 patients a year. His current role as CEO of the Toronto Humane Society brings this vet’s career full circle, by promoting humane care and protection and prevention of cruelty and suffering of animals. This too reflects the values of all CAHI members,” said Szkotnicki.

Upon receiving the award, Messier expressed his deep appreciation for the honour. “I was deeply humbled upon learning that I was receiving the CAHI Industry Leadership Award especially knowing the likes of other recipients. It is an honour to be recognized by one’s peers for doing jobs that I have loved. The health of our pets at the Toronto Humane Society and in our homes is a reflection on the research and contributions that this industry makes to society. I thank and encourage each of your companies for continuing to search for innovative ways to improve animal health here and around the world.”