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August 26, 2016

Good morning! A note from Wesley who was adopted June 2015:

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Wesley! I was adopted over a year ago. I’ve been living it up in my double cage with lots of tunneling. In my old age my owner has encouraged me to explore more by leaving the cage door open to their hamster-proof room with a strict shuffle-step policy. I mostly just run over to my maze and sleep though, ha ha! My nails grow really fast so I see my vet a lot to get a trim. The staff loves me and says I’m the tamest hamster they’ve handled. I’m the best!

When I don’t like something I put it in my litter. Sometimes the item is too big but I still try! My owner thinks I’m the cutest when I’m frustrated - hmph! I have many toys but my favourite is the under-fluff cave my owner buries. I always find it! I feel most at home there. I love climbing too!

Thanks to the THS for taking me in all the way from Montreal. I am healthy, happy, and very loved. Yatta!