Happy Tails

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March 01, 2014

Hello THS Staff,

Wanted to send a lil’ update on Lil’ Cupcake (now Selena). One day at work my beau sent me the photo of lil’ cupcake and her big expressive eyes from your site and we fell in love instantly. We dropped by THS late October, intent on taking Lil’ Cupcake home.

When we spoke to the gentleman that handled the process we were shocked to hear that the previous owners found her aggressive and disobedient. We heard she wouldn’t use the litter and was a bad cat.
However, we we’re not the least bit apprehensive and took her home as quick as we could. Within the first three hours she had made herself at home,found her litter, and followed us closely.
She was thin and just a bit shy, finding a safe spot behind the fridge if she felt unease.

Now, we couldn’t be happier with our furry companion. We no longer need an alarm, as she wakes us promptly at 7:30 everyday. She’s gained the few pounds she needed and loves to play and sleep by my side on the couch (you can see she has marked a spot for herself in the pictures). She has lovely little habits, when she marks her territory around her food it looks like shes doing a little dance, possibly the Charleston. There has been no issue whatsoever with aggression, shes nothing but sweet and lovely.

I can not thank you all enough for letting us take her home. Every morning feels like Christmas now, and i’m beyond glad I can provide a safe loving place for this darling.

Thank you,
Paige and Damien