Happy Tails

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March 11, 2014

Hi all,

Just wanted to send a quick update on one of your little kitties that came home with me a while back. When I first adopted Rolo (formerly Julinka) she was one spoiled little kitty living in a very quiet home. She got all sorts of attention from visitors when they came over. By circumstance we ended up making a big move together, into a home with 4 more friendly faces a real big dog and a somewhat grumpy old man cat.

I am proud to say they have all become best friends, she has brought the house to life with her never ending energy. Did I mention she is one of the strangest cats ever? She absolutely loves taking baths, let’s you clip all of her nails as long as you rub her tummy and if you touch her brush, look out! She will be sitting in your lap in a heart beat.

I have never met a cat who wants to be held at all hours of the day and never fails to be in bed with you all night long. I’d like to think I was her favourite until we moved… Now she’s the cat my mom always wanted. She is of no shortage of attention that’s for sure.

Thanks for helping my family find our match!