Happy Tails

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August 17, 2014

I adopted the black and white cat “Keyboard” (who I renamed Ralph) close to two weeks ago now. He was the last cat I noticed before I left, and after I witnessed him steal treats from the other cats in the Kitty Condo, I knew we would get along. I was warned about him being really under social due to coming from a hoarded household. When I got him home, I honestly didn’t expect to see him out of hiding for at least a week. However, it was only a couple hours before he emerged from under a chair and began to explore my apartment. He was climbing on things, running back and forth, taking it all in. In the midst of my mind being completely blown by how quickly he came out, Ralph decided to try and climb up some picture frames on my wall. Needless to say, they fell, and he scared the snot out of himself, and he went back to hiding guiltily under my bed for several more hours.

I’ve been working with Ralph every day and his progress is amazing. A week ago, just the slightest movement from me would scare him away. He wouldn’t come near me. Now, he comes out when I wake up in the morning, and when I come home from work. He can play without any hesitation. He goes ballistic when he hears the treat bag ruffling. The first time he let me pet him, he literally collapsed when I scratched behind his ears. I actually thought he fainted, but he was just soooo into it! Now he walks around the house talking, pushes his head into my hands for pets, curls up next to me, and is now even comfortable enough to come out for company! Just last week, he met my mom and sister for the first time when they came up to visit. I wasn’t expecting any sort of appearance from Ralph, but within a few minutes he came out to play and let them both into full contact with him. I’m so happy with this little guy, and it makes me feel good that I can give him a proper home with lots of love and attention. I hope that by continuing to work with Ralph daily, that I can help give him back all the time that he’s lost.

Thanks again!

-Erin McConnell and Ralph (Look, he’s waving hi!)