Happy Tails

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May 03, 2014

Dear THS,

It’s been one week since I brought home Phoebe, formerly Sally. She is a beautiful medium haired black and white petite 4 year old cat. She picked me as I moved past her cage. She jumped up on her hind legs and was meowing at me. The minute a volunteer placed her in my lap she settled in and purred. It was love at first sight.

I was told she was surrendered due to serious aggression and for attacking her people. I had a hard time believing this sweet little purring cat could live up to that tough rep, but in the event she did I was ready to love her unconditionally.

Our first night Phoebe found a nice little corner that she claimed as her own. I set her up with a bed, the towel from the shelter, and a slew of toys and some yummy treats. 4 hours later, Phoebe was on the arm of the sofa purring happily at my head. Since then, if I’m home, Phoebe is beside me. She spends all night, every night, on the bed with me. Often choosing to use a pillow for her head. She has quickly obtained a large collection of pink and purple toys, a good sized cat tree, a delux litter box with a set of stairs into it, and a cat bed for every room in the house. My gentle dog has already convinced her that they should be buddies and since day one they have both had full roam together. One quick hiss and my dog is backing up and respecting Phoebe and her boundaries.

I couldn’t be happier with my wonderful little cat. As I write this she is napping happily beside me and purring whenever I reach over to stroke her sweet little cheeks.