Happy Tails

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December 30, 2016

Two years ago today (December 30) I adopted “Peppermint Stick”. Inspired by the names of the Finnish players at the World Junior Hockey Championships - a Canadian holiday-time staple - I named him Niilo, Nicholas in Finnish. When I learned of Niilo’s past during our meet and greet at the shelter, it was apparent to me that he hadn’t had a very doting previous guardian. As a result, he still shows some anxiety about being left alone for periods of time. However, he has completely stolen the hearts of not just me as his parent but also my parents (his grandparents - who relish any chance they get to have him for a sleepover for a few days), my brother (his uncle) and my girlfriend (his other parent). He makes us laugh through his playful antics, and he has an ever-rotating repertoire of places to sleep, including a staircase with a carpeted perch at the top his grandfather built where he basks in the sun and watches the pigeons.

Thank you THS for giving Niilo a second chance so he could brighten our lives.