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August 06, 2015

It has been over a year since we took home our lovable Meeka, formally known by the Toronto Humane Society as Mandy. She was a gorgeous one and a half year old puppy when we first took her home, and from the get go we were told that she was not going to be a people dog. She was not going to want to be touched and petted and hugged. I remember the Toronto Humane Society introducing her to us and we were told to let her walk around us and sniff us but that we shouldn’t touch her. We were told that she would bite us, that she would be aloof and unfriendly when it came to physical attention.

Now, a year later, she is my darling girl who is as energetic as ever. Who likes to curl up at the end of my bed after a long day, who pushes her head in to my chest when she says hello, who leans against me when she wants attention throughout the day, who lets any adult touch her when she meets them. She still doesn’t want attention all the time and that won’t ever change, but she will let me kiss her on the head and give her a hug and a long pet whenever I have left the house for more than five minutes. Meeka will let me lie on the floor next to her and pet her chest without moving away, or give her belly rubs anytime of the day. She loves to play, she loves to run, and slowly but surely she is starting to love attention.

Thank you the Toronto Humane Society for introducing me and the rest of the family to my beautiful, darling princess Meeka. She makes my whole world better.