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Marbles and Scrabble

Marbles and Scrabble

December 21, 2014

Hello THS and World!

We just want to give an update on Marbles and Scrabble, two beautiful dwarf bunnies that became a part of our family exactly 2 years ago! Over this time, our bunnies have filled our home with so much happiness. They love getting their vegetables in the morning and lounging all day in their pen. Playtime involves exploring the basement, sprinting, and doing sporadic bunny jumps. These bunnies are curious and mischievous especially when we are not looking. Marbles (white) is an absolute princess. She loves being pampered and cuddled. Scrabble (brown) is the daredevil of the two. Her speed and agility are unmatched. This bunny has got hops!

We want to thank THS for their wonderful work. We are definitely grateful for finding our bunnies through you! Merry Christmas THS and all the best in 2015!


George and Eunice