Happy Tails

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September 05, 2015


Just over a week ago I took home a beautiful 4 year old cat named Winnie. The instant she stepped foot in my apartment she acted like she owned the place and made herself at home which is fantastic. After a week, I decided she was too sassy for a “Winnie” so she now goes by Jolene. I have a two year old cat named Crowley who was NOT a fan at first, but Jo’s quick charm is slowly winning him over. They now are able to share a window together. She is working (slowly but surely) on her climbing skills with a cat tree. She also likes to sleep on her back which I’ve never seen in a cat. She also likes to make sure I’m still alive several times a night, by meowing or stepping on my face, which is good. It was instant love, she is absolutely happy, and she is making my life so much better.