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January 25, 2014

Hello everyone from THS,

This last October my girlfriend and I had to put down a cat we adopted from another shelter as he had FeLV and his kidneys were shutting down. This left an empty spot in our hearts for awhile. We decided to adopt another cat before the holidays in December, we live in Richmond Hill and both work so we were always looking at what cats were in your shelter as we heard of great stories from friends about you and since you already test for all diseases and don’t declaw that was a big thing for us.

We came down and looked at all the cats looking at the black ones as I was told they get over looked and being a huge pet lover upset me a little bit. We came across a kitten named Mimi who we just felt was the right fit for us we adopted her that evening both of us excited and. We decided on naming her Jade but recently we’ve attached a nickname to her being “squeaks” as she loves to make little noises when jumping up on stuff like a squeak. She was quite comfortable in our apartment after just 24hrs which was a shock to us and in under a month she was jumping on our laps nudging us for pets and chin rubs.

We want to thank everyone from the THS and we will be down again for another kitten this year so Jade can have a play partner.