Happy Tails

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Isabel and Madison

Isabel and Madison

February 25, 2017

Eight years ago we were blessed when we adopted Isabel and Madelaine from the Toronto Humane Society. When we first saw them a note on their cage informed us that they were sick and needed socialization. However their gorgeous tortoiseshell coats, pretty green eyes and their need to be loved made them irresistible to us. Within a year we would lose Madelaine to illness but not before she taught Isabel (rumoured to be feral) how to love people. We returned to the THS in search of a companion for Isabel and found Madison another tortie kitten.

Isabel is shy and timid whereas Madison has the confidence of a cat that is at home in the world. Though their personalities are different, they bonded quickly and alternate between friendly brawls and napping together.

These big city kitties don’t know much about the outdoors but their balcony is a magical playland with plants and flowers and encounters with pigeons. It has become their favourite place. Inside they keep a tight schedule of alternating naps, toys and treats. Additionally, any box that enters their lair becomes a conduit for their imagination.

Shouts out to Toronto Humane Society for allowing these beauties and their big personalities into our lives.