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July 06, 2016

Hi, my name is Cookie.

I came to the Toronto Humane Society as a feral dog - a nuisance animal gathered up with others that were not wanted. The THS classified me as ‘profoundly unsocialized’. I was too afraid to look at anyone, sniff or even wag my tail. I didn’t think I would be adopted.

A woman came one day. She lay on the floor of my enclosure. I was too scared to go to her or even sniff her. After half an hour, I got a little braver and moved closer. She spoke softly but didn’t try to touch me. Then I sniffed her. She smelled kind and good. I licked her face.

A THS worker said she had never seen me act that way with anyone else. She put me on hold until she could meet the woman’s husband.

The next day, the woman and her husband both came to see me. They took me home with them. That’s when I got my new name, Cookie.

That was four years ago.

Now I am a social, well behaved and happy dog. I love to meet new people and dogs and go to new places.

Since then, we have traveled to British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Florida. We have walked in the Lions Foundation of Canada Purina Walk for Dog Guides five times. We play all the time, inside and out. We have a huge back yard where we spend lots of time together. I know all kinds of tricks, commands and words. I am a good watch dog. I only growl or bark a few times when the door bell rings or I hear a strange noise. I never get tied up or left outside by myself. We go for lots of walks. I like to use the slides in playgrounds. I love car rides.

Now I am a social, well behaved and happy dog.

I love my Mom and Dad. Their grown son comes to visit and play with me - I love him too.

Please adopt a pet instead of buying one. You’ll make an animal that needs a home, very happy, like me.