Happy Tails

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July 08, 2014

To the amazing staff at THS,

I took Scrappy (now renamed Cleo), home through the foster-to-adopt program in January 2014. She had just had surgery to remove her teeth and was not eating. She was recommended to me by Loretta, and I can’t believe what a perfect fit she is for me. Less than 24 hours after arriving in my home, I was able to convince her to eat some food and she tentatively ventured out from under my bed to look around the apartment. Initially loud noises (on the street, and on tv) would scare her back under my bed.

But within a month, Cleo was completely comfortable. She is the most friendly and social cat, with kids and adults, she wants to chat with everyone that comes in the door and is willing to play if you are too! She always wants to be the center of attention, following me through the house, talking to me as she goes - if guests are over, she takes a spot in the middle of all the action. Sometimes she’ll go get her toys in hopes of convincing someone to play with her. She loves playing with lots of different toys, though she does have her favourites.

In her down time, Cleo likes to laze around in the sun, looking out the window at birds, people on the street and basking in the sun. She takes naps (mostly on or as near to me as possible), though once in awhile I will find her asleep on my bed on her back, full belly exposure for petting. She’s completely charming and quite photogenic. Attached are some of my favourite pictures (though its hard to pick just a few!).

Its hard to believe Cleo came from a feral colony in Missasauga. I didn’t even need to train her to use her litter box, it was easy to get her to stop scratching the furniture and use her scratching post, she likes to “fetch” her favourite ball, and she even comes running if you call her name. She loves being around people and they always love her! Thanks to everyone who was part of the foster-to-adopt program for being amazingly friendly and open to questions - everyone that I encountered, from adoption staff to volunteers, foster care specialists and veterinarians. Thanks so much for making our home so happy! In a short time, I know that my house wouldn’t feel complete if I hadn’t met her.

-Yvonne and Cleo