Happy Tails

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Bumpy and JJ

Bumpy and JJ

January 08, 2016

Hi everyone at the humane society! Here is our story about our birds! I have attached some pics of everybody! Feel free to post any! Thanks for all your help

A few months ago my family and I adopted a bonded pair of cockatiels, Bumpy and JJ, from the Toronto Humane Society. When they first came they were unsure of us, and our canaries. But with some love they soon opened up. Now it’s impossible to sit on the couch without Bumpy flying up to us to scratch his head! A month later we found out that there was another senior cockatiel alone at the humane society. We knew we had to have him as well. Pop was frightened when he first arrived, (there were a lot of new faces for him!) It only took a few days before he felt right at home. He now follows me around wherever I go. Every morning he comes upstairs to wake up the family (he can be very loud when he wants us to pay attention!) All of our guys get along really well! They love to walk around on our table together, sing, and LOVE to check themselves out in the mirror! I can’t imagine not having these guys around. My family and I are so grateful to everyone at the Toronto Humane Society for all their work!