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February 27, 2014

Hi there,

I adopted “Frisco” (now known as Tucker) on Wednesday. He is doing amazingly well. Within the first hour of getting home he was eating, playing, purring and being quite affectionate. He slept beside me in my bed the very first night!

Today he curled up in my lap for the first time. So cute! Thanks for taking care of this guy before I had a chance to meet him.

Brett Blair

Little Cat

Little Cat

February 24, 2014


We adopted Finnigan (now being called simply “little cat”) a little over a year ago. We didn’t fall in love right away with him when we visited THS.

However, we are immensely thankful for the staff there who introduced him to us. We provided some background on the resident cat (“big cat” - the grey/white one) and the staff said that Finnigan would fit with him. And he couldn’t be more right. Just look at them!

We are extremely thankful for everything that THS does.



February 22, 2014

Hello THS Staff,

Just wanted to update you on a kitten adopted by my family in July. Her name was Bonnie but we changed her name to angel.

At first Angel was shy to her new environment and cautious of our dog Pudge but eventually she warmed up to us and our pooch!

Now Angel has really come into her personality, she loves treats and loves to sit on the desk while people work, she especially loves playing with our dog, jumping on him and swatting at him.
Her favirote thing in the world is the laser we play with. She’s defiantly a princess.

Thank you THS staff for everything you do! There’s a special place in heaven for the THS staff and animals! We wouldn’t know what we’d do without Angel now.

Ashlee Harris



February 21, 2014


My name is Rosa. I went to the Toronto humane society with the intention of adopting a kitten, but when I got there the kitten I wanted was already being adopted by another couple. At this point i was very discouraged and was ready to leave when I decided I had already came a long way I might as well look around.

That’s when I came across “Paulette” (who’s name now is Lola). She was so sweet and loving, I instantly fell in love with her. I didn’t care about her age, she was perfect, and I knew I wanted her from that very moment.

Lola is now in her forever home, and is adjusting extremely well, already running around, as if she had lived with us forever. She is a very special kitty, and I look forward to having her companionship for the rest of her days.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank THS for all their help and kindness in the process of taking Lola home. Adopting her has truly changed my life.

Mr. Noodles

Mr. Noodles

February 20, 2014

Hello THS, and a big ‘SHOUT OUT’ to Kimberly from the Special Species department. I just wanted to let everyone know that Mr. Noodles is doing great!! I adopted Mr. Noodles in the middle of November 2013. He was given to the Humane Society as his original family moved to Europe.

I got Mr. Noodles, my adopted grey Rex, as a companion/husbun for my Tiny. She is my hyper, cross, bossy, voluptuous black Lionhead mix gal. It’s a perfect match as he is a relaxed, chilled, quiet—but firm bunny.

It was a slow and sometimes difficult process to bond. But I had the time and inclination to do this for her and for him. Rabbits need companionship. They don’t do well on their own. I encourage anyone who has a single rabbit to get it a friend. Their quality of life will be improved greatly. I have seen firsthand benefits to Tiny getting her new husbun.

Gandalf and Matilda

Gandalf and Matilda

February 17, 2014

Hello Humane Society,

Just wanted to express our deep appreciation for our two lovely cats Gandalf and Matilda (formerly known as Houdini and Papoose) that we adopted in January 2013.

It has been over a year and they have brought joy to our lives with their playful, active and often hilarious personalities! I applaud all of the work you do to help homeless animals find well deserved homes.


Kristen and Cole

Bashful and Scribble

Bashful and Scribble

February 17, 2014

Dear THS staff,

We just wanted to update you on our 2 hamsters, Bashful and Scribble we adopted from you on January 18th 2014. They are doing great and have settled in really well.

Throughout this past month the boys have really come out of their shells, especially Scribble who had not been to a foster home yet. They really enjoy playing in their new cages, running up and down the tubes and running in their wheels. They are super fast! They also enjoy running around in their balls and playing in the maze (thank you Kimberly). Most of all I think they enjoy being held and loved. We also made them a large play area that they love to run around in. We put in a spare wheel, a couple of chew toys, some spare tubes and a water bowl. They love it in there!

It makes us really happy when we go to see them and they come to their doors and practically climb out into our hands! Thank you for letting us adopt these lovely boys and give them a nice home!

Jenna and Katrina


February 17, 2014

Hi folks.

Pippy (Shea) is growing into a beautiful cat. Her fur has become sleek, and she seems to be getting longer each day. (We changed her name back to the one given by her foster parents before she came to the Humane Society.) We adopted her half-sister (same father) a couple of weeks after bringing Shea home, and they get along famously. (Pepper is also a tortie.)




February 16, 2014

Hi Toronto Humane Society!

I adopted Sumia (renamed Beatrice) a few weeks ago now and I just want to let you all know that she is one amazing cat! She has warmed up so amazingly to myself and my friends. She shows her love by licking noses, cuddling up on our laps, and purring.

Sometimes when I get home from work she jumps into my arms and likes being held like a baby! She has a croaky but adorable meow… and I love her to pieces!

She has brought so much happiness into our house I cannot thank you enough! smile



February 15, 2014

To my friends at the Toronto Humane Society,

We’ll it’s been a long difficult road, but I am so glad that I finally found my forever family. My Mum and Dad adopted me in November from the Toronto Humane Society. I was born at the shelter and had previously been adopted out, only to return a year later.

My Mum and Dad adopted me in November of 2013. My name used to be “Ficus” but Mum thought that I was so cute, and needed a name that suited my personality. She renamed me Pica, and I love it. I have to admit I was a bit timid at first (after losing my eye to a bout of Melanoma a few years ago and some dental problems in late 2013), but I have since come around. I’ve even gained a few pounds!

I love treats, fluffy toys, and warm blankets. I particularly love my Mum and Dad’s pillow, which I use like a real person when I crawl into bed. I am so thankful for the care and compassion my friends and the volunteers of the THS gave to me during my “vacation.” Without them, I would not be here. I commissioned my Mum to write this letter, but I am sitting by her, reading along (I also love computer keys). I would like to tell all people about the THS, and encourage my human friends to adopt (us cats and dogs have a lot of potential and love if you just give us a chance). I have so many exciting things on the horizon (including my birthday which I will be celebrating this Saturday).

Ta Ta for Now. Pica