Happy Tails

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January 04, 2014

Dear THS,

Just to let you know…Wikki or now know as Rex…is a great joy!

My life after a break up has been difficult but since Rex has come to my life we enjoy time together walking and hanging out! He has been a great dog with babies and young nephews and a nieces. Rex hates his winter coat and booties but I have a photo of him anyways. He is a cute dog but his personality is what wins my heart!

Warmest regards,
Rose and Rex

Sylvester Dolce Vita

Sylvester Dolce Vita

January 03, 2014

I have been very happy with my cat Sylvester Dolce Vita for the past three months. First when my cat was at the animal shelter, his name was Dolce Vita, but I have decided to rename my cat as Sylvester Dolce Vita after he went home with me back in October 2013.

This e-mail, I am letting you know that my cat has been settled at my forever home very well that he has become an affectionate cat with me. My cat likes to be with me most of the times, but when my cat wants his independence; then he will go to stand by my window’s ledge.

Can one of you please share these beautiful photos about my cat and myself either on Facebook and/or your company’s website, so everyone knows how much I do love my cat.

P.S. Happy New Year to all the staff at Toronto Humane Society. May this new year of 2014 continue to have full of success, happiness, and love at the animal shelter.

Sincerely yours,




December 31, 2013

Hello THS Staff,

Just wanted to give you an update on my pal Micah, who i adopted from THS in late January 2013.

I kept the name he had as i like it, though i pronounce it differently then a lot of people. Micah has been an awesome addition to my household and family. He is a sweet cat, still on the chubby side, but i love him just the way he is.

When he first came to my place, he was timid, anxious, and scared really. Just appeared that he wasn’t that trusting of people which may have to do with how he was treated previously. But it is coming close to a year and Micah has made great progress to the point that he isn’t the cat that was given up anymore.

Micah is at home… he loves to play with his feathered toys or anything that looks like it can move really fast. I remember when i picked Micah up from THS and was told that he was not a lap cat and doesn’t like to be held. But… surprise surprise… Micah loves to curl up and sleep on my lap every evening.

Though Micah has been a chubby cat, and has some ways to go…he has been successful in losing 2 lbs…which I think is due to the amount of playtime he gets. But he is just awesome to have around. He is talkative, curious, and at times so funny..just the expressions on his face because he has an intense stare with bright eyes.

Just wanted to say thank you to THS for bringing us together. Here are a few pictures of Micah (MY-CAH):



December 29, 2013

Dear THS

We are celebrating Jaxson’s 1 yr anniversary with us.

Jaxson has become a wonderful addition to our family and a great companion to Tiko, our other dog.
Jaxson enjoys the cottage life, he enjoys going in the boat and basking in the sun.

If he is not playing with Tiko in the backyard he can be found close to mom who claims Jaxson is a ladies dog.
We are glad to have Jaxson as part of our family.

The Anderson’s



December 29, 2013

To each and every one of you at the THS,

I came in one dreary day earlier in the year, peeking at the cats with a friend of mine. After seeing Masya in the very last room in the very bottom cage, with her Persian cat tongue sticking out, a rough haircut and recovering from a severe upper respiratory infection…I melted.

I was told she was not eating, had most of her upper teeth removed and terrible bowel issues, which may be long term. We did not know if she would survive, or what her outcome would be. The first few nights were scary, as she ate very little and slept the days away. She was only five pounds and available to foster with the option to adopt if she recovered…

Boy, did she recover!

Masya (or Meemee we call her sometimes), is a beautiful girl in all of her glorious ten years. She adores eating now and has gained an additional three pounds and eats and drinks with no trouble. She gets a long so well with our two dogs and brother rescue cat Binx, and is often found on the lower level of the cat tree, or in the bathroom waiting for you to leave the shower. She is a doll despite her hardships, and I can’t imagine my life without her now.

Thank you for all you do - and all the veterinary staffs hard work before and during the foster - to help Masya overcome her illnesses so she could find her now forever home with our family!

Warmest regards,




December 24, 2013

Our happy story began right around the time my fiancé and I became engaged. We are both animal lovers and had a particular soft spot for cats and were thinking about adopting.

At our engagement party we received some money and we thought it would be well spent at the humane society where we could add a little cat or kitten to our family in the making. Sure enough we walk in and there is an abundance of darling kittens and cats. Initially we had wanted a cat… After meeting a few different cats and kittens we came across Puddles (a kitten) ... And when we picked her up she just started to purr and we thought, she’s the one!!

We took her home.. And she wasn’t shy at all… Her first plan of action was a nice big poop… Hello! Once business was taken care of she came and cuddled in between the two of us on the couch and let us pet her….. And then she saw the Christmas tree… Oh boy does she love the Christmas tree! It was her favourite thing from the get go.. She loves to climb and perch on the branches and knock the ornaments (shatterproof) off the tree then jump out and chase after them!

She’s also a huge fan of her scratching post! Huge fan! Ever meet a kitty with an aversion to scratching furniture? No? Me either… That is until I met Puddles!

She’s the cuddliest, sweetest kitty who loves to play, kiss and nuzzle and sleep on our laps!
Needless to say we love her very much..



December 22, 2013

Hello to everyone at the THS,

We are so happy to have Destiny - now Sherane - sharing our home with us. She loves going for long walks and games of catch at Trinity Bellwoods Park, where she gets along famously with the other dogs. By day she is perfectly content to play on her own or relax, or go do errands with us around the neighbourhood. The other day she even ran into an old volunteer friend, to whom she showed much love and appreciation! She is very sweet and very affectionate. As you probably remember she has a skin condition, but she is very good about taking her medication and most of the time she doesn’t seem too itchy. We will follow up with her new vet this week.

She made our home her own right away, and it’s strange to think that only a week ago she wasn’t in our lives. Thank you for taking such good care of her before we found her at the THS. We are so grateful to you all.

Happy Holidays,

Maya, Darby & Sherane



December 22, 2013

Charcoal is adjusting amazingly in our home. Already acts like he owns the place. Thanks again, he was exactly what we were looking for. A real sweat heart.

Thanks the Downie Family, the girls deciding on naming him Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life being so close to Christmas smile Also was my fathers name, and believe it or not, Charcoals d.o.b. is Sept 19th so was my Dad’s.



December 21, 2013

This past August we decided it was time to get a cat so we drove to the THS to look at the cats. We walked through the whole cat section and the last cat we looked at was Rosie. Right away we could tell she was the one. We spent the rest of the day (it was too late to adopt that day) by her cage and the next day we came back to adopt her.

She was nervous at first in our home but was always eager to get pet. In less than 3 days she was running around the house and was so eager to explore everything. She built a relationship with everyone in the house especially my sister who is 4 (and absolutely adores Rosie). As I write this she is lying by my feet sleeping, as she has spent the whole morning running around, which I could say is what she does and enjoys the most.

We would like to thank everyone at the THS for everything they do for all of the animals, and for helping us find Rosie.

Miro and Drago

Miro and Drago

December 19, 2013

We adopted Clayton and Fenton last February. They captured our hearts when we met them and we were so happy to bring them home. They had a name change and are now called Miro and Drago but they didn’t mind even a little bit about this.

At first they were very wary of their new home, hiding under the bed and behind furniture for most of the day but as time went on they have become very affectionate and a real part of our family. They were very tiny when we met them but have grown into real big boys.

They loved being brushed and they love their “bird” toy - a plush toy that they insist on having after after meal. And while they do like running all around the house at night it is fun to hear them playing. Yes, we have to vacuum the couch everyday to remove all the hair but it is a small price to pay to see their beautiful faces everyday.

They really like to ensure we wake up early - they love breakfast at 7 am. These two brothers are very opposite of each other - Drago is a morning kit tie - he loves morning snuggles and always wants to be playful early. Miro is sour night imd boy - he will sit with us for hours and even wants to always sleep in the bed with us.

Miro and Drago are very happy now - and sound most of their day sleeping and playing. We recently got a new home and they are really looking forward to spring so they can play outside on the terrace.

Thank you THS for making them and us happy by bringing us together.

Daniel Thompson and Luben Blagoev