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April 20, 2014

Dear THS gang,

I adopted little Pixel 3 weeks ago and I wanted to give you an update! At first he was really nervous, under weight and not eating, but he’s come along way very quickly. Now he enjoys: a healthy diet, running around after invisible things, siting on laps, battling his pink feather boa, trying to fit into small spaces, arguing with birds through the window, and sleeping under the covers at night. He is a really lovely cat and a hell of a character. Thanks for helping me find my furry little friend!

Keep up the good work.

Emily & Pixel



April 15, 2014

On April 26 we will have had Basil for one (mostly) happy year. You – at the THS – will remember him as “Taz”. We changed to “Baz” then evolved to Basil and he seems very happy to go through his new life as a Basil. In tender moments we call him Basil Fawlty!

We were warned that Basil was an anxious and fearful dog and soon discovered that he did not know what balls, sticks and toys were for. He still does not ‘get’ balls and toys, but I am happy to say he is now a big calm, anxiety-free guy.

There have been hiccups along the way – for all his size (108 pounds now) – Basil is rather a delicate ‘little’ flower health-wise. The biggest hurdle was Basil’s social skills, or lack thereof. His constant manic lunging at other dogs when on walks was physically and mentally exhausting. Walks in town resembled military stealth manoeuvres in enemy territory and we were constantly scouting deserted country roads for his exercise. Local training sessions were useless, Basil’s complete preoccupation with the other dogs precluded any academic achievements. We have learned many lessons since he came into our lives: do not take ‘expert’ opinion verbatim: do not assume that trainers who deal solely with purebred show-dogs understand the needs and behaviours of six year old shelter dogs: doggie interaction on-leash or through a fence/gate/cage is not indicative of how your dog will socialize in a natural setting.

The first breakthrough came when we enrolled Basil into Canine Campus in Markham – a daycare program playgroup two half-days a week. Kim Merendino, the brilliant owner/manager diagnosed a ‘greeting’ problem among other things and through her wise and kind treatment has helped make Basil a good citizen. Yet, we were still looking over our shoulders on walks and still afraid to venture into the world of leash-free dog parks. The second breakthrough came when we met Graham Horne, a certified canine specialist and owner of LOOSE LEASHED, who assessed Basil and subsequently met us at the leash-free dog park. Supported by Graham’s experience and insight, we joyfully watched our dog play with other dogs for the first time. We would never have given Basil up, but were almost resigned to a cloistered and limited life for us with our dog.

In closing, I want to not only thank the THS and Aleesia Cosentino for giving us Basil, but also to tell all of you out there who have adopted a dog and are having difficulties – Do Not Give Up and Get The Right Help!

Gerry and Ron Pierce



April 13, 2014

Good afternoon,

I adopted “Numida” who is now called Mavis and I wanted to share how well she has been adjusting to her new home.

She has settled in very nicely, and to my shock only hid under the bed for the first 3 hours upon arriving home. After her initial shyness, she jumped right on my bed and demanded to be cuddled.

She’s the perfect cat, and I’m so thankful to all of the Humane Society staff and dedicated volunteers for everything. This was my first time ever adopting an animal from the Humane Society and I now believe there is no better way.

Thanks again, and please find attached some photos of Mavis in all her glory. As you can tell, she is pretty used to getting her photo taken by now!


Hestia and Bryn

Hestia and Bryn

April 06, 2014

I remember the car ride to The Toronto Humane Society, I was thinking what new pet we should get, I really wanted a rabbit so I thought of getting a rabbit. When we got there I was looking at the rabbits when I turned around and and I saw these two cute, little, and fluffy guinea pigs. I got so excited and asked so many questions I could off blown the roof. As soon as my mom said we can adopt them my brother helped me load everything in the truck. We all love our piggies so much even our dog, River loves them. I would like to thank Kimberly Booker for all her help and support, I asked her so many questions and she answered all of them with respect and kindness. You Kimberly are the best person in the world next to my mom and dad.

Thanks for everything THS, I love you!

Taylor Doria Age:14
And the piggies
Hestia and Bryn



April 01, 2014

To The Wonderful Staff at the THS,

I know it’s only been 3 days since we adopted “Avery” the Cane Corso/Mastif mix but we absolutely love her! We changed her name to Reina, because she’s our little queen.

She is adjusting well to her new home; each day she is less and less nervous and tries to explore the house. She is very intelligent, when we are in the basement, she goes directly to the walk out door when ever she has to go to the washroom. She hasn’t quite done that with the front door but all in due time.

She’s eating, going to the washroom and sleeping well. She absolutely loves her new bed and we haven’t had to utilize any of those suggested techniques to get her to go into the crate. She automatically goes in on her own accord. She’s only crated or locked in at evening time.

Fortunately I have a job where she is able to come with me to work everyday so today is her first day at work. She did well on the car ride and she is currently sleeping in her bed.

I have attached some photos and we will continue to do so. She is a great addition to our family and we absolutely love her!

Thanks again,
The Clarke Family

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

March 27, 2014

Toronto Humane Society

I adopted Florence Nightingale (previously Tahlia) on October 17, 2013. She was found while pregnant and delivered kittens at the humane society (all kittens had been adopted by the time I met her). When I first saw Flo she was meowing and reaching her tiny paws out of the cage. She was very thin and the staff told me she rarely ate. When I put my fingers to the cage she started licking my fingers and I instantly fell in love.

Flo has been right beside me ever since I took her home (minus a day of hiding). I was hoping for an affectionate, cuddly cat, and boy is that ever what I found! Flo meets me at the door every day, and follows me around the house like a loyal puppy. She is never far from my side, and prefers to be in my arms or lying against me. If dogs are man’s best friend then cats must be woman’s best friend because I cannot imagine a more loving animal. I can confidently say that Flo is happy, energetic and living life to the fullest! She also is a great eater now and is a healthy weight with a beautiful shiny coat.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for an animal to remember the full grown cats. They are just as full of love as the kittens, and probably more grateful to find a loving home after a rough start to life.

Thank you for saving this beautiful cat. I will forever be grateful for the love you showed both her and her kittens.


Katie and Flo



March 26, 2014

Coco has adjusted quickly, is into everything, and likes to be petted from her ears to her tail.

We all love her!




March 24, 2014


My husband and I headed to THS four days after our honeymoon last September to take a look at a specific dog. Unfortunately he didn’t fit what we were looking for, so we were getting ready to head home when we decided to take a look around. We saw ‘Rose’, and we were captured by her tentative nub wag as she looked up at us so we decided to go through the process to meet her. She had our hearts the second she walked in, but when she got into a belly rub position in super slow motion, we knew we were going to make her a part of our family.

We took her home the next day, and she has been a dream dog. We feel super lucky to have her in our lives. We thought ‘Xena’ fit her personality a little better, so we changed her name. She keeps us on our toes, and makes us laugh all the time with her quirky personality. She sneaks on the bed at night in her stealthy rottie mode, and loves to run around the house with a ball in her mouth. She has an awesome flair for the dramatic when it comes time to eat or do some training. For example, we sit down for dinner, and she obviously wants her face as close to the plate as possible just in case something jumps off of it. So, we tell her ‘down’, and she proceeds to sit, wave her paws in the air alternatively in a ‘shake’ with an invisible person, and even attempts the new one ‘stick em up’ and then ends in her sit. It’s not until one of us says her name in a more stern voice that she emphatically and very dramatically swings her head back, rolls it around and jumps into her ‘down’.

Thanks so much for taking great care of her during her short time with you. We are so happy she joined our family. You guys rock, and all the animals that end up with you are lucky to have a place dedicated to finding them the right homes.

Jess, Andrew & Xena the Warrior Princess smile



March 24, 2014

Dear THS Staff,

Two and half weeks ago today my boyfriend and I adopted “Ritz”, who we re-named “Oliver”. That day we first visited you, we did not expect to fall in love with a kitten so quickly, let alone adopt one that day but as soon as we saw Oliver we knew we had to have him.

Since coming home to us, he has provided us with lots of laughs and cuddles. He has quite the little personality, always seeking attention and will let you know when its play time.

He enjoys our big bay window, playing with his ball on a string, running through his tunnel chasing toy mouse’s, and taking long naps!

He has brought joy to your home and we can’t thank the staff at THS for all they do! We were so impressed by the care and treatment by all of your staff and volunteers.

Warm Regards,

Sheri, Mat & Oliver



March 23, 2014

Our cat Scamp had been missing for six agonizing months!

Then one lucky day, we received a call from Pet Watch. They keep all the data from all the micro chipped pets.
We were told that a wonderful, kind person rescued our cat from a cold wintery street corner and brought him to a shelter to be scanned. That he was safe and alive and ready to return home.

Please get your animal micro chipped as a precaution. You just never know.