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Tamarind and Chutney

Tamarind and Chutney

February 26, 2021

We adopted Tamarind and Chutney, bonded siblings that were living on the street for their whole little one year old lives.

Tamarind and Chutney were considered a special case because they had very little human interaction and socialization and were quite scared of the human world. Their story is what got us, and then looking at the pictures we knew we had to bring them home. Toronto Humane Society, as well as the amazing foster they were living with at the time, gave us so much training information and help in anticipation for their arrival. We knew it was going to be a lot of work, but it would be worth it.

Tamarind went from hissing every time we entered the room to now eating treats from our hand, jumping on the bed with us and we’ve even gotten a few pets in! She loves to be around us, being spoken to and is always watching. The space between us is getting smaller and smaller. She loves to play and explore so much, and I love watching the human world become interesting to her instead of scary. I can’t wait to see where we’re at with her in a few more months - you can truly see she wants to engage more but she’s still a little hesitant.

Her brother Chutney is a few steps behind her as we expected due to his anxiety, but he’s slowly but surely coming around. He has started to come around and explore a little bit more but is still enjoying his time in the sanctuary room as much as he can. He is still a night owl. He still enjoys playing with us
from a distance and follows Tamarinds lead, plus the hissing is now at a minimum!

We’re so happy we chose them, all the progress we’ve seen has made all the hard moments worth it. They love each other so much and I can’t wait for them to feel that close to us one day. I really want to thank Toronto Humane Society, and the foster Curtis, for all the work they’ve done with them, as it
definitely made our process a lot smoother.



February 25, 2021

I adopted Romeo from Toronto Humane society in February of 2019. I had moved into my first apartment and I was a bit lonely living alone. I wanted a little furry companion, and I wanted to adopt.

From the moment I met Romeo, I knew he was meant to be with me. He was such a friendly toothless sweetheart who wouldn’t leave my arms.

Romeo was a mature cat and a bit skinny from lack of eating. Despite his rough beginnings and serious demeanour, he is the happiest and weirdest little man in the world. He loves being chatty, loves his big belly rubs, and he always tries to gives kisses to every dog and cat he sees. He brings everyone so much joy love, and laughter.

Thank you for bringing my sweet Romeo into my life, Toronto Humane Society.



February 23, 2021

When I saw Sunny on Toronto Humane Society’s site, it had no information, just his picture with his sweet brown eyes and his perked ears. It was love at first sight. I called Toronto Humane Society, inquired, and met him right away.

He was in his kennel, bouncing off the walls. I thought to myself “this 5-year-old guy looks fun”. He jumped all over me in our meeting. Then I said “sit” and he listened right away. I told Toronto Humane Society this is the little dude I want to take home.

Sunny made himself right at home. Settled into his crate, asked for pets and got up to eat snacks. It was a perfect homecoming. But he had terrible separation anxiety. It was so hard to the point I doubted that I could keep him as the noise complaints started coming in. I wanted to do right by Sunny and contemplated if I was the right person for him. With a lot of work, training, and discovery, Sunny adjusted to our home so much, he thought he owned it.

He was my lifeline. I struggle with mental illness, but he made sure I woke up each morning to ensure his breakfast and walks were on time. He would sleep with me on the couch many evenings without hesitation when there were dark times. I needed him more than he needed me, I always thought to myself.

He passed away October 2020. He was 13. We all miss him so terribly. Adopting a dog taught me so much. It taught me to be responsible for someone else other than myself. Sunny taught me mindfulness, he only lived in the moment, something us humans forget to do. He taught me unconditional love. He loved with no agenda.

Despite the challenges, I would not change our story at all. Sunny was the best dog I could ever have; I love and miss you, my grumpy old man. #adoptdontshop



February 22, 2021

Fritz (formerly Hulk) has been with us for three weeks now and he is doing amazingly. We are so in love with how sweet and attentive he is. He is fully crate trained and doing great with all his other basic training.

He also gets along so well with our other rescue dog/his big sister (Jin Min). She is so patient with him and is showing him the ropes around our home. They both love taking long naps throughout the day.

His other favourite hobbies are fetch, playing in the snow and meeting new people. He loves when we’re out for walks and other people or dogs walk by. He just sits and quietly observes the world around him.

We are so grateful to have adopted him and are excited for our future together! Thank you so much for the amazing new addition to our little family.



February 18, 2021

Oliver (formerly Cloudy) is settling into his home amazingly! We should have called him Shadow because he follows us around wherever we go.

His favourite things to do is snuggle with his mom while she is on zoom calls and binge watch his favourite shows on Netflix.

Oliver took no time to settle in and can usually be found on top of the fridge or sleeping on his favourite ottoman.

Oliver truly has been the brightest part of my COVID-19 experience and I’m thankful everyday for him and the wonderful staff at Toronto Humane Society.



February 16, 2021

We adopted our little girl, Stevie (formerly Magic) in November 2020 – a few weeks after we lost our beloved boy, Floyd (whom we adopted as Scooter from Toronto Humane Society in 2009) to cancer.

She was surrendered as a stray and, and unbeknownst to everyone at the time, Miss Stevie was already carrying a litter of kittens. But we were patient (sort of) while she spent time with a wonderful foster family who cared for her while she nursed her babies. They also helped her overcome her under socialization.

Fast forward to January 5, 2021 when we finally got to bring home an incredibly timid and scared little girl. But by the following Thursday she had already begun eating from our hands, meowing (the sweetest little noise!), and rubbing up against us for pets. We let her out of her sanctuary room the next day to
explore the rest of the house and she hasn’t gone back.

She’s since become a little purr monster who loves to eat and play and has taken over our entire home in the best possible way. She’s also helping to heal two broken hearts in a way only a fuzzy little family member can.

Thanks to every single Toronto Humane Society member who helped us along the way.



February 10, 2021

We picked up Kane on Saturday, January 23rd. It seems like Kane has been with us for so much longer.

He is absolutely the most loving and wonderful natured dog. With some serious TLC and good training, Kane is thriving beautifully. As you can see from the pictures, he is quite comfortable and having a great time. He’s met two new doggie friends next door and now has play dates with his buddy Oakley.

Kane is a hugger and a snuggler and that suits us since we all love to hug and kiss him. He’ll be a busy pup come summertime as there’ll be a beach to explore nearby, and lots of adventures that we can’t wait to share them with him.

We made the right choice with Kane and look forward to all growing together as a family. Thank you, Toronto Humane Society.



February 05, 2021

I loved Cannoli from first sight.

This little anole was so tiny, that I had made a makeshift cage from one of those little Rubbermaid containers that you can purchase at the dollar store to pick her up in. This goes to show that sometimes you don’t need a lot of money to save an animal and give them a happy life!

She was eating fruit flies – this is how tiny she was – so Toronto Humane Society gave me the culture that they had for her, so I had a batch to feed her with for the first little bit. When we got home, I put her container right underneath the heat lamp and this is where she started to thrive and show her

She is doing so well and has moved into a larger terrarium that will probably end up being her forever terrarium. She has moved on from eating fruit flies and is on to pin-head crickets!



February 03, 2021

We adopted Kato back in January, and we had a beyond wonderful experience with Toronto Humane Society.

Kato has adapted very into his new furever home, and most of all loves having a sister! When I’m working from home, he loves to sit on my lap, at night he loves to sleep with us and loves kisses and rubs. With all the trauma he has gone through, he is still such a wonderful and loving cat!

I am so glad we could give Kato a furever home after the hard start to life he had. Kato brings so much joy and happiness to our home, and his new big sister.

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for bringing Kato into our lives.



February 02, 2021

We adopted our sweet Carson from Toronto Humane Society in June of 2018.

The adoption coordinator let us know that he had been overlooked because of his age, which was originally listed as 11 years. After taking Carson home and going through his file, we found an old vaccination record that indicated he was actually only 9.5 years old!

Carson has brought so much joy into our lives and we are grateful for him every day. He loves to spend time with us (usually snuggled up on a lap) and is always happy to tag along running errands.

This senior boy still has lots of energy and enjoys playing with his toys and going for walks (sniffing new smells is his favourite activity). He takes to people very well - especially if they have treats - and makes new friends just about everywhere he goes.

We hope that Carson’s story encourages someone to consider giving a loving home to a senior dog in need.