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December 30, 2020

I adopted Malachy (formerly Killian) just over 7 years ago. I had planned to adopt an older cat but came home with a 6-month ball of energy who looked more like a squirrel than a cat with his bushy tail and long nose.

Right from the start, Malachy was an exceptionally affectionate, smart and gentle. He had been surrendered by someone who was unable to keep him due to objections from their landlord. He had clearly been loved in his short life and I thank that person for bringing him to Toronto Humane Society and allowing me to become his “hu-Mum”.

Mal grew into a beautiful, big cat with the most intense eyes and a happy temperament. He wasn’t as much a lap cat as a neck cat - we both were happiest when he was curled up in my arms with his head
nuzzled under my chin.

Sadly, Malachy passed away recently due to stomach cancer. In time, I will return to Toronto Humane Society to adopt a new little friend, but I will never forget this special cat who adopted me and made my life so much better because of it.



December 29, 2020

I adopted Cosma on December 4, and although she was a bit shy at first, she’s now a very chatty cat. She wakes me up promptly with some meows at 7:45 for breakfast and loves to cuddle. She also likes to play with all the toys she’s been given, and also likes to sit on her cat condo and watch passersby from our 10th floor window.

I definitely recommend people consider opening their doors to a senior cat like Cosma. Although she has her health conditions, they are not at all hard to deal with, and with medication and vet visits she’s doing just fine. Quarantining with her by my side on the couch has been very peaceful, and she has gained many fans during my Zoom research lab meetings.



December 24, 2020

Avery (formerly Nellie) has settled in well. She seemed to bond with me right away. The whole way home (3 hours) she was nudging me for pets. She has been nothing but affectionate towards me.

Her first few days were a little hard for her, adjusting to a new doggie brother (O’Malley) and 2 cats. But it’s currently her second week with me and now her and O’Malley are inseparable! We are still working
on her being calm around the cats.

We are slowly introducing new people to her, which she has been doing great with. She has also been doing well on walks, there are not as many people or dogs out walking in Kingston.

Avery has already stolen a piece of my heart.

Pebbles and Scamp

Pebbles and Scamp

December 21, 2020

Pebbles and Scamp continue to be the love and joy of our lives. We supposedly rescued them, but the truth is they have rescued us and fill our lives with fun and “business”.

They’re older dogs now, aged 12 and 10, but they act like puppies - skipping and trotting along on their daily walks - it is hard to keep up sometimes! It is also difficult to fathom that these beautiful doggies lived their previous lives inside.

Scamp is doing well socializing with people, but Pebbles prefers other dogs as long as they are a couple of feet away.

Scampers likes to mimic his Dad’s occasional snoring in the night. We call him our little hippo as he does a very good rendition of one!

Pebbles has figured out a good method of getting treats by pretending to be a bull getting ready to charge. She stands in the middle of the room, scratches the carpet so hard she lifts herself up, growls and then stands still as a statue looking at us as, waiting for her treats. And of course, it always does.

Closing in on 3 years since that delightful day we drove to Toronto to pick them up, every day we are thankful for your great work!



December 16, 2020

I was so excited to bring home the newest member of my fur family. I adopted a 6-month-old female kitty companion, Rue (formerly Danish), for my 4-year-old cat, Squish.

I was told by the knowledgeable staff at Toronto Humane Society that it could take time for Rue and Squish to acclimate, so as instructed, I prepped the bathroom with toys, litter box, blanket, etc. and picked her up on Sunday afternoon.

She only spent the first night separated from Squish but after 3 “great escapes” I could see that they were bonding very quickly. By Monday afternoon, in less than 24 hours, they were playing together.

Rue is energetic, affectionate, sneaky, cheeky, fearless, and naughty, which makes her the perfect cat to complete my little fur family.

I am so glad I had ability to rescue both my cats, and with all the love I am getting, I know they are both very grateful.



December 14, 2020

This is Olive! She joined our family May 7 2019, so small but brimming with so much excitement to have an apartment all to herself!

Over the months her personality has opened up to us, and she’s become more sweet, calm and bratty than we could have ever imagined. She loves exploring new places and discovering things she never knew existed - beaches, forests, strollers - nothing’s too intimidating to handle anymore!

She’s won over the hearts of everyone that knows her. We’re so lucky to have this sweet little bean in our lives. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at Olive.Beans.



December 09, 2020

Mia has been doing great. There seems to be no adjustment time with her. It’s like she always been here. She is such a good dog. I have truly been blessed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the perfect dog for me.



December 08, 2020

Nate is settling in wonderfully to country life!

He seems very comfortable here and is totally in love with our 5-year old hound. We’ve been trying to curb the play until his stitches heal but they are already besties.

We’ve gone on a trail hike and walked quiet cottage roads and he’s doing really well on a leash! The lack of distractions has been great for him. We’re impressed by his intelligence and eagerness to please.

He’s met some new people and has been awesome in every way. He’s just an all-around happy guy.

We are so over the moon in love with this big goofball already and he is the perfect addition to our family! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the important steps taken to get him healthy and ready for a loving home. He has definitely found it here.

Jennifer and Barbara

Jennifer and Barbara

December 03, 2020

I adopted Jennifer and Barbara in October 2020.

Jennifer is the 2-year-old grey cat. She is very active and a non-stop player. She likes playing with a ball and runs all over my apartment.

Barbara, the 7-year-old black cat, is on the quiet side. She likes space of her own and spends a lot of time taking care of her beauty. Sometimes she is in a playful mood and enjoys playing with toys.

They are adorable and bring a lot of joy and positive moments to everyday life.



December 02, 2020

We adopted Nala (formerly Aoife) in January of 2019 when she was 5 months old. She was our first pet as a family and converted me into a pet lover, but more specifically, as my family puts, a “crazy cat lady” – even though I have no idea what they’re talking about, doesn’t everyone talk to their cat?

Nala is a social, curious, and funny Manx cat with the fluffiest fur. She greets us at the door when we come home and she always wants to be wherever we are - on the couch, in bed at night, or on the floor in the kitchen.

She is so loved and has taught us how easy it is to love animals fully and completely.

Thank you, Toronto Humane Society, for all that you do for animals all over, and for bringing these beautiful companions into our lives to love.

You can follow Nala on Instagram @nala_the_manx.