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July 26, 2019

Taz was one of the dogs who didn’t want to even try to make friends if you were just peering at her through her kennel fencing. She made me work for her friendship but now we are inseparable. It was so worth the work making visits to the shelter each week to let her get to know me.

She’s the most gentle and silly dog. Everywhere I go Taz follows me, when she lays down she always has to have a part of her touching me. I had no choice but to give her part of my bed, she kept sneaking in after I fell asleep, and I don’t even mind.

I’m so happy with Taz and how loyal and obedient she is to me. She will go anywhere with me and is very adventurous. She loves to go hiking and exploring, and is a perfect fit into my life. I feel very lucky to have Taz in my life!! Thanks to everyone at the Toronto Humane Society who takes the time and puts in the effort to give these loving animals new homes, you guys are are great!



July 19, 2019

We adopted Charlie (Formerly Miney )at the end of May. He was part of the foursome of brothers from New Jersey. We have named him Charleston but affectionately call him Charlie. He is so incredibly adorable and loving, full of life and spunk and quite a healthy dose of curiosity!

He currently thinks he is Superman and likes to climb and jump. It’s a bit dangerous so we will likely connect with the cat behaviourist for some guidance. He loves his big brother and is loved back but sometimes big bro goes a little too far. We’re working on this but so far Charlie keeps going back for more so hopefully all will be well.

Thanks so much for all of the incredible work you do caring and finding homes for all these beautiful creatures.

We are super happy that Charlie is part of our family.



July 12, 2019

We adopted Bessie about 3 months ago and she has become the most expressive and lovable derp that anyone can ask for.

She really loves belly rubs and going to the beach. She loves playing with the other dogs and showing them that even though she’s short, she’s got speed!

Bessie is definitely very stubborn and isn’t a fan of learning new tricks, but we’re slowly getting there. A little bit of her favourite treat here and there helps…

When she wants attention she speaks like chewbacca and if we make her wait she will give the biggest, puppy-eye guilt treatment anyone’s ever seen in their life! She definitely knows how to play people’s heart strings.

Here’s to many more years with our Bessienator!

Mickey and Nina

Mickey and Nina

July 05, 2019

It’s been about 48 hours since we’ve brought Mickey and Nina home and they immediately made themselves comfortable. They love lounging on our bed (and sneakily trying to find a way under it.) Nina is so curious and adventurous. It took her no time to walk around everywhere in the bedroom. This morning we let them explore the full apartment and they took it in strides. They’re acting like royalty here and we’re treating them as such.

It feels like they’ve been here so much longer. They took to our place and were instantly comfortable with us near/handling them, we think we’ve found our soul mates in cat form.

We am so grateful to everyone at the Toronto Humane Society for helping us find them. Everyone we interacted with was so pleasant, and we would like to give an extra big thank you to the staff for going above and beyond every time we were there!

We aim to give Mickey and Nina the best forever home we can. Thank you so so much! ​