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June 28, 2019

Joe has settled in really well, he has boundless energy and is so playful! He never wants to stop and loves his wand toys, balls, the laser pointer…basically, he loves everything!

His sister Chelsie (also adopted from THS in Fall 2017) was less than thrilled when he arrived but is slowly warming up to him. He always wants to play with her but she sets him straight if she’s not in the mood! He also loves gazing out the windows and most days he watches for me when I come home from work.

As he is settling in, Joe is becoming more and more affectionate…turns out he’s a real softie. I’m so grateful to THS for all you do, and for giving me the opportunity to give Joe a forever home!

Penny and Grace

Penny and Grace

June 14, 2019

Penny and Grace (formerly Ego and Yondu)

I began fostering to adopt Penny and Grace back in August of last year and officially adopted them back in February!

These adorable sisters are very special. They came to the Toronto Humane Society with infections that resulted in Grace losing both of her back paws and Penny losing a portion of her hind leg. They were wearing prosthetics for a little bit but now fully function without the use of them and are able to jump, run, play and live their best lives. They both love to cuddle, have their long beautiful fur brushed and are very affectionate. Penny is very social with Grace being a bit more reserved. With more sunny days now they both love spending the day by the window relaxing in the sunshine.

They bring so much love and happiness to my life and I’m so grateful I adopted Penny and Grace. Thank you so much to the Toronto Humane Society for saving these two very special kitties and for all the help and support from the amazing staff. ​

Ser Pounce

Ser Pounce

June 07, 2019

​I wanted to share my Happy Tail as it’s been 1 month now since Ser Pounce (formerly Nugget) came home with me!

When I ended school I stopped by THS knowing I wanted to adopt a cat and fell in love with this vocal chunky boy but he was still under testing and not yet available for adoption. I went home empty handed but came back the next day and it turns out Nugget was available and free to come home with me!

The sweetest boy ever (@SerPounceOfHouseSlaughter on Instagram), I renamed after Tommen Baratheon’s cat in game of thrones who now sits solo on the iron throne and rules over my entire one bedroom apartment. Like many cats, Ser Pounce craves 3 things: food, attention and lots of play. When he is wants attention he WILL let you know by meowing and getting up in your face, and if you ignore him too long or are running late with his breakfast he will give you a playful paw to wake you up.

He is a very chunky boy but with his new meal plan and active play he has lost about 2 pounds this month (over 10% of his body weight!) and his vet is pleased with his progress so. Though his extra chonk never stops him from finding a good perch or limit his impeccable pounce capabilities. Ser

Pounce really is the sweetest companion and has the funniest personality, I couldn’t ask for a better cat as my first ever pet and THS made the process super straightforward and were so helpful along the way!