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January 03, 2019

Amy (formally Olaf) is living happily & affectionately with her husbun, Rufus! We’ve adopted Amy in 2016, when Rufus visited the THS for a matchmaking date. Rufus is also a rescue since 2014 from the Milton Humane Society.

Despite having been rescued from people who planned to eat him, he has always been a big and outgoing love bug. Amy is slow to approach new people but once she’s familiar, she’s easily excited and loves affection and treats. They’re pretty much inseparable! Amy doesn’t like the slippery hardwood floor so they hang out together on the rug or any close by fabric-covered areas. They are litter-trained and have free roam of the condo!

Thank you very much for saving Amy so that she has a wonderful place in our lives & heart! Your staff are super knowledgeable and care very much about the lovely rabbits and other pets you have at the humane society. I am deeply appreciative of having the opportunity to support such a wonderful organization, and will always be continuing to do so. smile