Happy Tails

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August 22, 2018

​Millie has been with us since December 2017. What a great dog she has turned into! She’s my little buddy!

Millie loves to be outside and relax in the sun. She shows a lot of tendencies of being out on the streets and having to take care of herself because Millie was found outside when she was rescued by Toronto humane society. I am so thankful for Millie. Millie is very protective of her owners. She loves to play with fur friends and her human friends! She even plays on her own with her toys. Millie is quite the spirit and I’m very excited for the years to come with her.

Millie did get her very first hair cut not too long ago. She got the whole spa treatment! Lucky girl! She’s amazing. Thank you for everything THS.



August 20, 2018

On July 1st, 2006, we adopted a dog during the “Adopt-A Thon”. His name was “Mister”, and he had been adopted out twice and returned twice- the second time, after one day! The third time was a charm. We renamed him “Eko”, after the character Mr. Eko on the TV show “Lost”, which was our favourite show.

It wasn’t long before Eko adopted us. For the next 12 years he was part of our family. Our morning walks became the best part of my day. He was always there to greet me when we came home, with a tail wagging and ready to go out for a game of “rope”. Just before I fell asleep most nights I could feel a thud as he landed on the other side of the bed. He would stay there until he heard my wife coming up the stairs when he would move to his spot on the floor.

Every morning after breakfast he would sit in his spot while we made lunch, waiting patiently for his treat- a baby carrot. Eko was a special dog. Our oldest son said he always looked like he was smiling. And he had a will and sprit most humans would envy.

We enjoyed a great life together. But on July 10th this year he was suffering the ravages of age and could hardly walk – he was put down to end his suffering.

We miss him every day. But we will always be grateful for having Eko in my life.



August 18, 2018

Charley is currently 12 years young. He was adopted a week before his first birthday from the Toronto Humane Society after he was found wandering the streets in the Don Mills area. THS had named him “Norm”, but our family just felt that Charley suited him better. Charley is our family’s first family dog and his adoption was the beginning of a wonderful adventure for all of us.

Charley is the grand master of our neighbourhood and everyone knows him - people and pups come out to meet and visit with him on each of his daily walks around the neighbourhood. Charley is a truly gentle soul with a very sweet, calm and affectionate nature who was born to be a therapy dog. He has a constant smile and a welcoming, laid-back spirit. He loves to be with people and visits with everyone in the park and is known to be quite the leaner while he is being pet! It is because of his lovely temperament that Charley has joined the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

Charley loves his therapy dog work and has been a part of the SJA Therapy Dog program since 2013. Besides his regular weekly duties visiting his Senior friends at The Millwood, Charley is also a Child Friendly/Special Needs Therapy Dog. When he sees his special collar and SJA bandana come out, Charley heads to the front door, ready to go out and visit with his friends.

In addition to these duties, Charley has been volunteering weekly at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in their Pet Visiting program for 9 years. Due to his gentle and loving manner, Charley was selected to participate in a pilot Behaviour Therapy Project called “Facing Your Fears” addressing anxiety in children around dogs. In 2016, Charley was recognized by the province of Ontario with an Ontario Volunteer Service Award for his years of dedicated service at Holland Bloorview.

Charley was actively involved in the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and was featured in the Runner’s World Magazine for his therapy dog work in the Athlete’s Village. In September 2017, he visited at the athlete’s hotel during the Invictus Games. For the past 2 years, Charley has taken on the most important role of all which is sharing his wonderful energy with his younger brother Buddy and guiding him as he starts his work as a therapy dog. Our magnificent Charley was born a dog but has lived life as a gentleman!

When we adopted Charley, we did so thinking that we were changing his life…however, the impact he has had on countless people has been profound. Charley is a true testament to how wonderful shelter dogs can be and that they should not be overlooked when searching for a family pet. ​



August 17, 2018

Theo (a.k.a. Bruno) is unrecognizable. He was initially terrified, hiding under the bed and only coming out to explore when he thought I was sleeping. His progress was slow, taking weeks before he would come out during the day, and over a month before he would let me play with him (from afar). His favourite toy is the feather on a string…that’s how I got him to warm up to his new home (and treats of course!). For the first few months, he would run and hide under the bed any time anyone approached him or there was a sudden noise in the house. Now, he refuses to leave anyone alone! He greets me at the door every time I come home, he plays with others (including his new dog mate) and he ALWAYS wants to cuddle. He also loves to have conversations with people, though I am still working on teaching him that us humans don’t enjoy having conversations at 6 o’clock in the morning. As a student living away from friends and family, Theo is exactly the companion I was looking for. ​



August 06, 2018

​We recently adopted Yanny in June (Now known as Kooper) and wanted to give an update. Kooper is doing very well with us and is happily adjusting with his new family. He loves socks, running off with my shoes and sleeping.

He is registered in Puppy training and has been in for his second set of needles, the vet said he’s super healthy. Kooper is enjoying days out at the park, he loves digging, and waking our two kids up with kisses and cuddles every morning.

Kooper (Yanny) is loving his new home and we wanted to send our deepest thanks for helping make this happen. All the tips we were given was huge in making this transition easier and we are truly grateful!



August 02, 2018

We adopted Dexter in May, 1999 from the Toronto Humane Society. When my husband and I brought him home, all we knew about him was that he was about 18 months old, his name was “Boo” and we were his third owner. We changed his name because he was so anxious and untrusting at first that it felt wrong to be saying “Boo” to him all the time!

Over the years, Dexter became best friends with our daughters (who came along after him) and loved his days at the cottage, where he could run free and jump in the lake. It was there that he spent his last long weekend when he was almost 15, in August 2012.