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August 01, 2017

​After first bringing Hao Hao home for his foster, we barely saw anything of him save for a pair of laser beams projecting from his hiding spot. He was not eating or taking his medication, and we worried his progress would be slow.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, it was a helping of tuna that finally enticed him to take his medications and begin eating regularly again, but still Howard (as we began calling him) would refuse to leave his hiding spot to say hello.

Two weeks went by, and after passing his scheduled checkup back at the THS we were given the opportunity to adopt him as our own. Despite ongoing medical challenges, and still barely having seen more than those laser eyes shining from his hiding spot, there was no hesitation from us.

Almost as if he sensed something was different, the day we brought him home from his final checkup and formal adoption was the first day he found the courage to come out of hiding and say hello, as if in thanks for adopting him.

Since that day Howard has made progress in literally leaps and bounds. No longer confining himself to his hiding spots, Howard misses no opportunity for attention. He loves two things above most else; trying to catch his feather toy, and having his chin scratched.

If it was not for the spots of shaved fur from his operations, we would think the THS switched cats on us.

Today, Howard is still a bit of a scaredy cat, but the days of spending all his time hiding are long gone. His medical issues are mostly behind him, and he is showing us just how grand a personality he has.

Between zooming around the house and chirping at the birds outside the window, Howard spends his days playing and getting almost all the attention he craves. I say almost, as we are only two people after all, and could not possibly offer all the attention this special guy deserves.

Thank you THS, for making our little family complete.

If you wouldd like to follow Howard on his adventures, you can find him on Instagram @howardsaysno