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February 28, 2017

Fri February 26, 2016 my husband came home from work and I told him we were going to the THS - I had seen profile for a 10 week old retriever mix puppy online and wanted to see if he was the dog for us. And although that puppy was adorable there was something about the little guy across the aisle that captured our hearts. Preston (now Paddington) had me hooked from the moment I saw him. Anastasia interviewed us and made up the hold sign before we had even said yes (there was no doubt he was ours).

He came home with us on March 1st, through the foster-to-adopt program; he was from a reserve in Northern Ontario and had demodex along with a couple other health issues. On one of his check ups a biopsy from a small bump on his leg came back as questionable - my heart broke as we took our little guy in for surgery. The staff (especially Larissa from the foster department) was amazing during his foster process and not long after his surgery (which ended up being fine) we finalised his adoption. This past year has been full of new experiences for us and Paddington. He recovered so well from the demodex, that people often comment how beautiful his coat is. He’s a bit of a wild man, and in typical lab fashion he does everything with a great level of exuberance.

But as much as he loves stomping around and playing in his backyard or at daycamp (where he has even gotten to play with his brother - the dog that initially drew us down to THS that Friday), he is a big cuddle bug, who often forgets he has grown into a rather large dog and believes he belongs on our laps - where we are happy to let him stay while we pat his crazy ears. We can’t imagine what life would be like without our Paddington and are so thankful for THS having brought him into our lives.


Jenn and Sean



February 27, 2017

He’s awesome! Remember the surprise bags with sweets? Banjo is the same. Under his towel as he used to like it I didn’t know what I was getting. And it was three months since Ashley (a cat I adopted via THS) died. Banjo loves pets and he likes it when I brush his fur.

For the first two weeks my comforter was his ...if you know what I mean…and he hide under it & he used it as his bed and sometimes created a bed with it on the floor.

He doesn’t hide much now. And as I have gotten to know him I got the impression that his previous owners were not gentle. Banjo needs a gentle and loving parent. That’s me.

During the night when it’s sleepy time for me he runs around in my bedroom. I gently tell him that mama needs her sleep and he stops!

I am keeping him until the day he goes to Heaven and joins Ashley. These two are my family forever!


Isabel and Madison

Isabel and Madison

February 25, 2017

Eight years ago we were blessed when we adopted Isabel and Madelaine from the Toronto Humane Society. When we first saw them a note on their cage informed us that they were sick and needed socialization. However their gorgeous tortoiseshell coats, pretty green eyes and their need to be loved made them irresistible to us. Within a year we would lose Madelaine to illness but not before she taught Isabel (rumoured to be feral) how to love people. We returned to the THS in search of a companion for Isabel and found Madison another tortie kitten.

Isabel is shy and timid whereas Madison has the confidence of a cat that is at home in the world. Though their personalities are different, they bonded quickly and alternate between friendly brawls and napping together.

These big city kitties don’t know much about the outdoors but their balcony is a magical playland with plants and flowers and encounters with pigeons. It has become their favourite place. Inside they keep a tight schedule of alternating naps, toys and treats. Additionally, any box that enters their lair becomes a conduit for their imagination.

Shouts out to Toronto Humane Society for allowing these beauties and their big personalities into our lives.



February 22, 2017

Hello everyone. This is Ella formally known as Snitch. She has been a part of our lives for a few months now and we couldn’t be happier! Even though she is still a bit skiddish, she has shown us tons of love and affection and in return we shower her with kisses and presents! Ella enjoys her afternoon naps, chasing her laser and doing kitty things!! Thank you THS for helping Ella find her furever home!



February 20, 2017

It’s been almost 6 months since we adopted Nina (Orion) and it has been the best 6 months of our lives.

Nina is smart, curious and a total love bug!
She loves to cuddle, loves people watching, love kissing people and looooves playing with other dogs.
She did great on her puppy classes and is now enrolled in Canine Good Neighbour.

Nina brought so much joy to our lives and she reminds us daily of how much loving she is through kisses every few minutes!
I cannot say thank you enough for bringing her to our lives!



February 19, 2017

Casper was adopted from THS in Dec 2003 (after years of begging our parents for a dog!). When our parents finally relented, we went to THS to adopt a young Sheltie we saw online. By the time we got there, we found out it had already been adopted to another family! One of your staff members saw my sisters and I crying and told us he had an even more perfect dog. He came out with our Casper – a rambunctious 1 and a half year old American Eskimo Dog. Fate intervened that day – who knew we would be so lucky as to adopt such an amazing dog!

At the time I was only 10 years old. We grew up with one another and I can’t recall many memories that Casper isn’t a part of. When we were younger, I could always count on Casper for a game of soccer or fetch, even though both games usually ended with us chasing him around the backyard because he never understood the “retrieve and give back” part of the game. He was always bounding with energy and his endless laps around the backyard would always put a smile on my face. At the end of a long and playful day, he would sleep outside our bedroom doors as if to protect us and keep a watchful eye.

As we grew up, so did Casper. He began to enjoy the more silent moments of life – going on walks through the ravine with my dad or sitting on the dock at the cottage.

He was a young dog at heart his whole life, constantly challenging us to keep up with him. He was with me on my first day of high school, my first day of university, my first day of work and everything in between. With a simple hug, the stress of everyday life seemed to melt away. His goofy personality could easily lighten up any situation and his greatest quality was his ability to put a smile on your face. February is the 1 year anniversary of his passing but there is not a day that goes by he is not in our thoughts. Thank you THS for letting us meet our best friend some 13 years ago. Casper was a once in a lifetime dog!


Kathryn, Sabrina & Caroline Vizl


February 17, 2017

Maggie, our beautiful rescue doggie from the Humane Society passed away suddenly on February 6. We had 3 wonderful years with Maggie and would not have traded those for anything. It’s just shocking for us to have found Maggie waiting in her usual spot for us but gone.

Thank you for your love, Maggie. We are heartbroken.

Anne, Alexander and Spencer.

Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls

February 16, 2017

Two and a half months ago I was given a pretty great gift! An FIV tabby that I fell in love with the moment he roared and big cat pranced in his shelter room.

Big Cat, aka Biggie Smalls, is an awesome little buddy to have around. He still gets a little nervous with two hand approaches and is not fond of being held (aftermath of his prior thug life), but he’s my shadow, follows me around the house and is always watching. In true cat fashion, Biggie is the master of the laser and wand/towel duo. Most important, he’s an expert bedtime snuggler and the perfect alarm clock. Oh and I can’t forget the wicked kitty raps Mr. Smalls meows out just before he gets his feasts.

I couldn’t be happier with my new friend, he is my FIVourite cat!

Thank you to Morgan who helped with the adoption process (Aunt Laura is in good hands)! And to my landlord and bestie for helping to make it happen! I have attached a few pictures of Biggie in his new home. Two in his spot when I’m watching TV and two when he is awaiting bedtime snuggles.

Thank you!

Olivia Dupuis



February 16, 2017

We recently adopted Panini. She has such a sweet disposition and is the perfect cat for our family, which includes two children under the age of two. She’s very relaxed and fitting in nicely.

Rowan and Rain

Rowan and Rain

February 15, 2017
Hello THS! I’d thought we’d give you guys an update on Rowan and Rain (yes we kept the names they were given there)

We adopted Rowan back in early September when we first moved to Toronto. My boyfriend and I knew we wanted a cat but little did we know we’d end up with Rowan. We were told she was under socialized and to take introductions slowly. When we brought her home the first thing she did was race around our apartment and accidentally meet our dog before we were ready (they were friends instantly). Flash forward 6 months and Rowan is a complete character. She always voices her opinion and always tries to make the TV people be quiet by smacking their mouths as they talk. Rowan is the craziest kitten I’ve ever met and honestly cannot imagine life withocut her.

We adopted Rain through the foster to adopt program. When we first brought her home she was pretty afraid of everything. She kept to herself and only came up to us if we were sleeping or she knew it was time to eat. She was practically bald on her stomach and had missing fur on both front paws (we later discovered this was because she was stressed easily and would over groom herself). She was terrified of being touched on her paws, her tail and back. Months went by and we have seen a large improvement in her. She’s the light of our lives. She hops on our counters and plays with her toys now. She especially enjoys meal times and her bedtime treats and makes sure we never forget!

I never considered myself to be a cat person until we adopted Rain and Rowan.

Thank you THS for allowing us to give these two the home they deserve. We cannot picture life without them!