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January 31, 2017

This is Scout one week after she was adopted by my wife and I from the Toronto Humane Society. She has a new name now which is GiGi - pronounced as Gee Gee. She is 5 1/2 months old and is incredibly well trained in obedience. Our property is 10 acres and she runs twice a day freely. She won’t leave my side even with distractions. A wonderful pup!

Thank you THS for giving her a great recovery and especially for taking the time to obedience train her. She was a very easy pup to bring home.

Beth & Lynne



January 28, 2017

We adopted our baby black lab Ringo at 4 months old. He was at the shelter with his brothers Rodney and Pepper. We tried for a day to rename him…..but it became very clear, he’s a Ringo!!!! It’s been 4 and a half years now and he is the sweetest, kindest best companion ever. He is full of character, loves chasing the ball (non-stop) and even has a new baby sister Chloe now! They chase squirrels together.




January 26, 2017

I adopted Oliver a few years ago from the Toronto Humane Society. He had come from a hoarding house with about 30 other cats and he was no longer a kitten. When first visiting him at the humane society he had confined himself to the small box in the kennel. After meeting him for the first time I knew adopting him would be a difficult adjustment for him but I knew he was the one. Over time Oliver went from being a scared, jumpy, skinny cat to being a playful, energetic and snuggly as any cat could be. It took almost two years and you would never know he was the same cat. He would never let himself be picked up and now as soon as I sit down he is climbing on top of me.

Also, I would like to note for those who have another animal at home. Oliver has been amazing with my other cat, Oscar. I found Oscar on the side of a road, too young to eat solid food. I took him to the vet to make sure he wouldn’t get Oliver sick before bringing him home. The next day Oliver was grooming him and taking care of Oscar as if he was his own, which I was very surprised about given Oliver’s history. My point of this story is that no one should be afraid to adopt a grown cat with a history. Taking the chance with Oliver was the best decision I have made. No morning feels right unless Oliver has brought me his little stuffed ball to I can throw it around the house for him (what I should say is, no morning is complete without Oliver meowing and asking me to follow him because he has lost his ball under the couch and needs help retrieving it). I have never had an animal show me so much love and companionship as Oliver has shown me.

If you are scared or worried about bringing a cat home because of his or her past this message is for you. Be scared if you don’t want to put in the time, be worried if you think it will be easy, but if you are neither of those things and you are prepared to love and care for an animal who deserves another chance, then do it, give them the chance they can never ask for themselves. Take the time and put in the effort and I promise you it will be more rewarding than you could have imagined. The Toronto Humane Society gave my Oliver another chance at a beautiful life and I cannot be more thankfully for that.

Thank you,




January 19, 2017

Penny (still known as Pendleton, but only when she is being naughty lol) has been nothing but a joy in our household. She is the most intelligent creature I have ever seen. And the softest fur of any animal I have ever touched.

There is nothing more in the world she loves than her blue exercise ball that allows her to explore the house. After only three days she could beat any bumps on the floor and find her way back to my room and her cage! The amount of energy in her tiny body reminds me that of a very excited puppy.

She makes sure to pay rounds to every room of the household to make sure that no one is left out. She also loves carrots and apples, and does not mind being held when you have fresh produce in your hand. She also can hide anything in her bedding if she tries hard enough. Such an intelligent and fearless girl!

Thank you to Pet Valu (her former foster home)/ Toronto Humane Society for the advice and taking care of my new best friend. Here’s to more exploring and going forward!

Kind regards,




January 17, 2017

Hi guys!

Just wanted to drop a note to say how happy we are with our recent foster fail!

Earlier in the fall we fostered three kittens from a littre of nine that came in: Canvas, Chantilly Lace, and Silk! They were all so awesome! We were so close to keeping all three but decided on Chantilly Lace as we were both completely enamoured by her!

Since, she has been renamed Quinoa! She’s an amazing young kitten that cuddles so intensely, plays hard, and is now jumping onto any surface close to running water… Yes, she likes to drink from the tap, and take baths! We love her so much and can’t wait to keep fostering, but hopefully not fail too many times.

Love THS!
Mor & Sam



January 16, 2017

Twenty-two years ago I adopted a 2-yr old 3lb stray kitty, named Rusty, from the Toronto Humane Society. I changed his name to Gilbert. I also made a promise that I would keep him safe, happy and healthy. The first year was a challenge, he became ill, had to be hospitalized for a week, and was so weak he often could not do what he thought he wanted to; things like jumping up to look out a window. Gilbert was a fast learner, you only had to show him something once and he would catch on – jumping onto the couch, then onto the radiator, and over to the window. Unfortunately that also worked with things you did not want him to learn. A baby gate would keep him out of a room, until that time I stepped over the gate to get into the room.

I never imagined what an amazing boy he would become. So smart, inquisitive, loving and so very loyal. He learned a number of commands; come here, let’s go, supper time, and was always by my side. Gilbert was a talker, and would both initiate conversations and respond. He had lots of personality for sure, and would be dismissive of most people he met. However, he did not like to be touched by anyone other than me. This could be challenging at his annual medical check-ups, but his vet understood and we never had an issue. About 3-yrs ago I noticed that he had become completely deaf, so I had to re-learn how to communicate; flicking the outdoor light to get his attention, being careful not to sneak up on him. With age, his hips became brittle. Step stools had to be set at the couches and bed, the litter box had to come up from the basement. More time was spent laying in front of the fireplace or on the bed in the sun. Two years ago at his “palliative care” visit, his vet told me that Gilbert has made a lasting impression on her. When I noticed that he was in pain, I knew I had to make the most difficult decision. His vet came to the house to make his passing as peaceful as possible for both him and me.

Gilbert was so much a part of every decision I made, including the home I live in. I may have rescued him, but he brought so much more to me. Gilbert was a unique boy and made an impression on most everyone he encountered. I never imagined that he would be a part of my family for 22 years. His longevity is a testament to a loving home and high quality nutrition. I will miss my sweet boy who was with me March 18, 1995 – January 9, 2017 RIP.

Colleen Sonnenberg

Chloe & Pepsi

Chloe & Pepsi

January 13, 2017

Since adopting Chloe and Pepsi from the Toronto Humane Society I have adopted 4 guinea pigs from the Hamilton Burlington SPCA. I have 2 female guinea pigs named Cinnamon and Smorse and 2 boy guinea pigs named Jalepeno and Popper. They all get along the cats don’t do anything but watch the guinea pigs sometimes but mostly they just ignore the guinea pigs and race around playing or lay around relaxing. I love my Chloe & Pepsi very much and always will and I love my guinea pigs very much too.

We love living in Hamilton Ontario with our daddy and guinea pig siblings. More updates to come as time passes, paws and purrs from us to you all.



January 12, 2017

Hello, I just wanted to share our happy tails story.

For the past year we have been considering adopting a dog, while on a visit to Toronto we thought we would visit the Humane Society and take a look. Unfortunately, there weren’t any dogs that fit with our family, but we decided to visit the cats while there.

Low and behold, we all fell in love with a little tortie kitten who’s siblings had been already been adopted. Dee Dee is now Skittles and is adored by all of us. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better cat. She is sweet and gives tons of snuggles and kisses. She is surprisingly calm, and has loads of patience for hugs and LOTS of petting.

Thank you THS for everything and hopefully we can make it back in search of a pup one day soon!

The Gibbs-Edghill family



January 12, 2017

I have 2 daughters and for a few years now for both of their birthday parties, instead of receiving presents, (as they already have more than enough), they both agreed to having everyone bring something important for animals in need at the Toronto Humane Society. Last year was our first year bringing everything to the Toronto Humane Society where we found our adorable Nacho.

The moment we saw him, we knew he was ours. He was far back in his cage shaking like a rattle snake, so scared, and so precious. The next day he was officially ours and its now been just over a year that we’ve had him. he was very timid and scared at first and never barked. Slowly but surely we could see him evolving into a brave happy boy. and finally one day even started barking! He hasn’t stopped since (lol) he loooves barking.

I love the Toronto Humane Society! There are some great individuals working there and you can see the love and dedication they have for the animals and to make sure the animals find great forever homes! Adopting and watching Nacho grow with his forever family has brought me so much joy and happiness. The feeling you get from adopting cannot be described. We all love nacho so much. thank you for reading!



January 11, 2017

Good afternoon to all the T.H.S. staff!

I want to give you a fun update about my nine-year-old male cat Garfield.

His former name was Dolce Vita when he was at the Toronto Humane Society’s shelter.

I have attached the two photos above about the pet photos with Santa’s event that occurred in December 2016 there at the Toronto Humane Society; moreover, I have been taking my cat Garfield for pet photos with Santa every December at the animal shelter for almost four years already.

In addition, I have adopted my cat Garfield from the Toronto Humane Society back in October 2013 when he was only six years old.

Because I love my nine-year-old male cat Garfield with all of my heart, I always tell my friends that he is my son and also my best friend. Besides calling him Garfield, I have also been calling him, “my baby.”

Yours truly,

Daisy Maria G. Castaneda