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November 28, 2016

Hi There,

Just want to give a little update on Ellis (who now goes by Pickles) as we’ve had this amazing guy for almost 6 months. At first he was quite shy and apprehensive, but now that he has become settled with his surroundings he is much more comfortable and plays with pretty much every dog who will play back. He came from a reserve in Manitoba, so he had some medical issues at the beginning, but nothing that couldn’t be treated.

Pickles has been the best addition to our little family and would suggest anyone who is interested in adopting a dog from a reserve to do so. I’ve met a few reserve dogs and they are the gentlest and most loving dogs.

His favourite activities include going on walks, going swimming, chasing after sticks, car rides, going to the dog park, going camping, going canoeing, going to the cottage and pretty much anything outdoors.

We love our little guy, here are some pictures of Pickles enjoying life!




November 18, 2016

Java the kitten has settled in nicely to her own home and everyone is happy!

Sir Alfred

Sir Alfred

November 17, 2016

Since being adopted from the Humane Society in May 2016, Sir Alfred has settled in well though we did expect him to take a lot longer to become comfortable with us. Within a day or two he was snuggling with reckless abandon, purring and nuzzling quite constantly.

With some effort, Alfred has gotten used to the fact that his food will be there if he leaves it alone for a minute or two. He no longer can be found pushing his bowl all over the kitchen while he eats.

Sir Alfred is such a handsome fellow and very personable—there’s not a soul who doesn’t fall in love at first sight, from family, friends, to vet staff.

Though we miss his darling lion cut, Alfred’s full coat has grown in to a wonderful floof and he seems content to spend the better part of a sunny afternoon grooming himself by his window. He also enjoys surveying his kingdom from the perch of his cat condo, watching traffic and raccoons passing by (time of day dependent).

We are very lucky cat owners—thank you Toronto Humane Society but especially Linda who helped introduce us to Sir Alfred and his wonderful nature! If you’re curious to see what the Sir is up to, he has fallen into the world of Instagram, as cats do: @alfred_dreams


November 16, 2016

Hi there….

This past weekend l, my family and I adopted Cadabra. (Big smile)

Cadabra seems to be adjusting well. She has definitely made her mark with all of us, biting wise. (Hahaha)

We are so happy and thrilled to have her as part of our family!

We will update soon with photos and stories.

Thanks again!

Gilda Berru &family



November 13, 2016


I adopted Kiki the lionhead rabbit (renamed Oliver) in 2015 from THS. He was brought all the way from Montreal by one of the wonderful volunteers at THS and has had an incredible transformation at his forever home! Oliver has the sweetest personality and is quite the little heart breaker!




November 10, 2016

Chardonnay has been renamed to Gracie. She has settled into her new home fairly quickly. She hid for 2 days. The only evidence that she was in the home was an empty food dish and her litter box had been used.

She didn’t like the sanctuary I had picked for her and relocated to a spot of her choosing.

Monday night she decided or worked up the courage to make an appearance. She played for a couple of hours but anytime I made a slight movement she would dart under a piece of furniture.

She repeated this pattern Tuesday night.

Wednesday evening she came out for her playtime. An hour into it I guess her curiosity got the best of her and she jump up on the couch next to me, within a few minutes she was walking on me, accepting rubs from me and her little motor purred away.

She still doesn’t like me approaching her but once I’m settled into my spot of the couch she quickly comes over for a visit and lots of affection.

She seems to be enjoying exploring her new home. She had figured out that the furniture is multifunctional, to hide under but it is also fun to climb on.

Here is a picture of her last night relaxing on the arm of the couch. She has made herself right at home.




November 09, 2016

Hi there,

I just wanted to give the THS an update on our Henry (formally Brownie). We adopted Henry back at the beginning of September 2016.

Henry had some trust issues but with a lot of patience and some treats, he’s warmed up to us all so nicely. He loves having his back scratched and always comes looking for his morning salad. He’s living the good life as a free range bunny, but still likes the safety of his enclosure, especially when the vacuum comes on. He’s full of energy and is often found racing around the living room. He’s super curious, and likes tasting all of our books.

We couldn’t be more happy with our Henry. Thanks again THS for helping us find him, and for helping him find us!

Kyla, Shail and Henry



November 08, 2016

Dear THS,

Back in May 2012, my boyfriend (now husband!), and I casually went into the shelter to visit the dogs. We were always interested in adopting a dog, but hadn’t had a serious conversation about it. I wanted to look at every dog in the shelter and see how they would respond to me. We only had one request; no chihuahuas. We made our rounds and greeted every dog, but in the corner of one kennel, was a little, tan dog, laying on a stuffed bear three times the size of him! We called his name, but nothing. He didn’t even look at us! We could both see the sadness in ‘Boo-Boo’s’ eyes, and my husband instantly knew that I had fallen in love. And surprisingly, he was a chihuahua/jack russell cross!

Jenny told us that Boo-Boo is not an easy dog, that he would have behavioural, and aggression issues. The moment that she took him out of the kennel to see us, he was a completely different dog! So full of life and love! We got a million kisses from him!

Today, ‘Boo-boo’ (whose name is now Misiu smile ), is still that loving boy, full of kisses! The amount of love he shows us, is nothing that we’ve ever seen from another dog. We have never had any aggression issues with him, and I can easily say that he is a perfect dog.

Thank you THS, for introducing us to our sweet boy, who we couldn’t live without. He is going on 9 years, but he will always be our little, tan puppy.

Thank you!

Jenny, Greg, Boo-Boo (Misiu)



November 07, 2016

We fostered to adopted Lacy on June 30, 2016. The lap dog I was looking for turned out to be a little white German Shepherd X puppy. Well, that little girl turned 5 months old on October 18, 2016 and today, November 7, 2016 went to the Vet’s for her final shot for the year and my wee lap dog is now a whopping 51.3 lbs of love and slobbery kisses. She is the most amazing and intelligent puppy who loves her parents and 2 canine and 3 feline sisters. Life is good…for all 8 of us!!

Darrell and Kim Campbell



November 04, 2016

It’s been 8 months since we adopted little Rose, she’s become very well adjusted to her forever home, still prefers quiet to a lot of noise and loves to have company while she eats. She likes to spend her day playing with wand toys, nibbling and defending our home from pigeons. She’s grown into her paws and is quite a beautiful juvenile kitty with gorgeous marking and teal green eyes. The first pic is Rose at 15 weeks and the second is her most recent picture. She’s the love of our lives.