Happy Tails

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October 28, 2016

When we adopted Fetty, her name was Quark and we were informed that she was rescued from a hoarding situation all the way in Montreal. She had arrived at the shelter with her littermate who, for unknown reasons, was adopted before her. She was almost four months old, had an eye condition called symblepharon from having suffered a respiratory infection as a baby, and crawled all over anyone who would let her.

Now, she is six months old, lives in a four-story cat condo inside of our people condo, sleeps in our bed, and uses the litter box in our bathroom. Also, Fetty has trained us to play fetch and peekaboo. Peekaboo involves her taking cover (behind the shower curtain, for example), meowing quietly, and jumping out at us when we approach, only to then repeat the cycle until we get tired.

Her favorite toys and plants change, but her affectionate, fun-loving, endlessly curious comportment doesn’t. When we adopted her, we knew she was a blessing, but it’s only through lots of attention and the passage of time that we are discovering just how much and what kind.

Thank you, Humane Society, for giving these pets a chance at life and a channel to loving homes - they deserve it!


Leyla and Jack



October 27, 2016

Hi THS team,

We wanted to give a little update on how Dmitri is doing, and how grateful we are to have him in our lives. We adopted Dmitri about two months ago, we kept the name originally given to him as it seemed to suit him very well. He was initially very quiet and timid, but it only took a few days before he became the quite the explorer. He has become a huge fan of our older rescue kitty, Murph, and she is very happy to have a friend around. They play and nap together all day and night, and it truly warms our hearts to see how well they get along. He absolutely loves cuddles, and never hesitates to wake you up early in the morning just for some cuddle time. We are so happy to have given this wonderfully curious, gentle kitty the forever home he deserves. Thank you, THS, for everything that you do. We are looking forward to spending many more years with Dmitri!



October 19, 2016

We adopted Diesel in July 2006 from the Toronto Humane Society. She was about 4 months old, and was she a stinker! She had a nose that would take her everywhere and an attitude to go along with it. She pulled on the leash, jumped on people, chewed anything and everything. It took almost a year to house train her, partly because she had already learned to go in the crate before we adopted her, but we also had to move less than a month after she came to us due to a fire. So with those two things, it was a challenge to get her to go outside consistently. It was a good thing she was cute! We did a lot of training with her, and she has become the most amazing girl!

She is now 10 1/2 years old, and still goes on hikes with up to 20 dogs at least 3-4 times a week, and keeps the other dogs in line. She had ACL surgery on both knees when she was 5 and 6 and has recovered beautifully. She has such a sense of humour, loves her brothers and her family. Everything we went through with her was worth it. We love her to pieces, and she has taught us so many things about dogs. She has just made my life so much better every minute she is with is!

Thank you Toronto Humane Society, for this wonderful, beautiful, amazing girl who has in both direct and indirect ways taken my life places I could never have imagined.

Diane and Jason



October 18, 2016

Dear THS,

Three year update! We adopted Watson form THS in 2013. He turned 8 this year and the white is really starting to show on his face! We like to think this makes him look wise, but really it just draws more attention to the snot that is always on his nose. He is such an amazing dog, and makes the funniest grumbling noises when he wants something. Adopting Watson has really enriched our lives and it was the best decision we ever made 3 years ago. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Watson and his buddies!

JN and RT

Professor Bun Bun

Professor Bun Bun

October 17, 2016

When my 10 year old Holland Lop lost her companion, I turned to the Toronto Humane Society in search of a new addition to my little fur family. I came across Professor Bun Bun on the website and was instantly drawn to him and his cute pudgy face.

Professor Bun Bun is the most outgoing and happy bunny I have ever met. I have had many bunnies in my lifetime but I have never come across such a big bunny that loves to binky and run and climb as much as Professor. My rabbit Cinnamon, although she was on her best behavior during the “meet and greet” had some adjustment issues once she realized Bun Bun was here to stay. She did NOT feel the same way I did about Professor Bun Bun at first, there were many nips and disagreements as to who was going to be the top bun. It was a challenge, I must say, to bring these two together. After about 3 months, and almost giving up and coming to terms that they would maybe just be forever neighbours, things started to look up for Professor and Cinnamon.

Today they are great friends, cuddling together and grooming and enjoying free range of the house- cage free. Professor has also inspired Cinnamon to be a little more outgoing when it comes to exploring the house. I’m looking forward to many happy years with Professor teaching us to be happy no matter what life throws at us.

Thank you,

Amanda King.



October 16, 2016

I thought you might like to know that Clover (or Happy, as I have renamed him) is doing very well. Everyone who meets him shares the opinion that he is the most adorable thing ever. He is very playful and friendly with other animals and people. He has quickly become my best friend and I cannot imagine life without him. I have attached some pictures in case you guys might want to use them for your posters or whatnot. This is definitely a success story as this lovely kitty has found the right home.



October 14, 2016


This is Arya (formerly Stella). We adopted her about a year ago, and we feel so lucky to have found her. She wasn’t like the other kittens. She wasn’t climbing the walls of her enclosure, yelling for attention. She was sitting quietly, contemplating the world. We knew immediately she was the cat for us.

She was a bit shy when we first brought her home. It took her a few days to really get comfortable even leaving her carrier, let alone exploring. Slowly but surely, she came out of her shell. She’s still a little shy when strangers come to visit, but with us is so affectionate and gentle. She loves cuddling, petting, brushing, and can never get enough attention.

She’s also quite well mannered. She doesn’t jump on tables or knock anything off of them (accidentally or otherwise). She scratches at her post, and will sit and wait for her dish to be filled before digging in (after thanking us with a big meow, of course). We taught her none of these behaviours. It’s just who she is.

Thank you, THS, from us, and from Arya, for making us a family.



October 12, 2016


My name is Kaity and a little less than 2 years ago my partner Mike and I were heartbroken after the loss of our elderly rescue cat, Pickles. Mike, myself and our other cat Hazel decided soon after she passed that we had the space in both our home and our hearts to bring a new cat in to our lives.

I saw the picture of little Thorin on your website and he looked so scared and timid but there was something about him that I was drawn to. We went to the shelter and after looking at every cat you had at the time we finally decided that infact Thorin was the right choice for us.

Within hours of us bringing him home we knew that it was the best thing we ever did. Thorin woke up his new daddy the next morning sitting on his chest and licking his chin! Thorin is so loving and sweet. Always wanting snuggles and curling up with us. Whenever one of us bends down to kiss the tip of his nose, he returns the kiss by pushing his nose up to us!

His adoptive sister and him have really bonded and are very good friends. Although they do fight sometimes like any siblings do!

Nearly 2 years later we wake up every morning to a happy, healthy loving little boy who is the light of our life!

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the adoption of our baby!


Kaity & Mike

Fergie & Holly

Fergie & Holly

October 07, 2016

Hi there! Please let foster mom Rochelle know that Fergie & Holly are settling in well. Both have plenty of energy & good appetites.



October 03, 2016

In July we decided to add to our family and went to the Toronto Humane Society. There we saw a little kitten named, Oakley and instantly fell in love with him. We changed his name to Wyatt - my daughter thought he looked more like a Wyatt smile

He has settled in very nicely and makes us laugh everyday. Wyatt is such an affectionate kitten and loves to snuggle and give us cat kisses.

We want to thank everyone at the Toronto Humane Society for allowing us to give Wyatt his forever home. We love him so much, and can’t imagine our lives without him.

We have enclosed a few pictures of Wyatt.


Lynne Di Bacco and Family