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September 24, 2016

Good afternoon to all the THS staff!

I want to update you about my cat Sylvester that I’ve adopted from the Toronto Humane Society three years ago when he was only six years old. His former name was Dolce Vita, but currently, his name is Sylvester.

Last Saturday, I did celebrated Sylvester’s 9th birthday. How time flies by so fast because I can’t believe my cat is already nine years old this year. Sylvester’s date of birth is September 17, 2007.

Because I love my cat so much with all of my heart and to pieces, I’ve decided to celebrate my cat’s birthday by purchasing him a chocolate cake, putting a big number 9 on top of the cake, and playing a birthday song from YouTube.

Yours truly,


Stella and Triggs

Stella and Triggs

September 20, 2016

Four years ago I lost my best friend, our family yellow lab, Henry. Thinking I could never love another dog again I came across my Stella (formally Rossi) on the THS website a year after Henry’s passing. Not knowing how vastly my life would be changed I went to go see her. The next day she was mine.

Reluctant as first, Stella was uneasy of her new environment. She had a few surgeries before I was able to take her home as she had only formally known a world of neglect. Stella came home terrified of not only me but humans in general. She was missing half her teeth, patches of fur and scared of her new environment. At the time, my new fur-legged daughter hid in my closet for two weeks, not even coming out to see me. I would bring her food, which she would hid throughout the apartment, only to assume she would eat it later. Once my Stella became comfortable, I quickly learned she was secretly a little diva who desired numerous cuddle sessions and daily belly rubs. We were two peas in a pod, where I went Stella went, she quickly became my shadow.

The following year we were joined by my partner, whom at the time had never experienced the unconditional love of a four legged furbaby. Soon after my partner joined our family we decided to adopt a second furbaby, Triggs (Formally Ferris). Full of life, and with energy that never seems to quit, Triggs bounced into our lives. Complete opposites Stella seemed to merely tolerate her brother upon his arrival. While at times Stella still seems to only tolerate her brother, once night falls the two can be seen snuggling side by side.

On behalf of my partner and I, I cannot thank the THS enough for taking care of our two four-legged children for us. Our lives are forever enriched for the unconditional love and joy we receive from both Stella and Triggs.

Fergie & Holly

Fergie & Holly

September 20, 2016

Enclosed are a few photos to show that Fergie & Holly are settling in well at their new home. They’re eating well & running around like kittens!

Many thanks to Rochelle for the excellent fostering care she provided them with.

Will try to get some better pictures soon & send those, too.




September 17, 2016

I just want to say something about a special cat we adopted from the Toronto Humane Society December/2002. He was a Christmas present to ourselves and his name was Wrigley.

He was two years old and what a special boy he was. We enjoyed so many happy moments with Mr Wrigs (his nickname). I can’t begin to list all the joy you brought to our home.

Unfortunately this past July 2016 your health took a bad turn with a massive tumour and your time with us was to be cut short, too short. I wanted many many more days with you not just 2 and 1/2 months. I didn’t want you to go but you had to go. I could write a book about the joy you gave us and the love we shared. One special boy and unique fellow who enjoyed food so much the minute you would hear dishes rattling you appeared on the spot. Wow, you had sonar ears.

I miss you so much today as I am writing this, it is so difficult. We fell in love with you that Dec day in 2002 and Sept. 2016 you broke our hearts. I will always love you and have you tucked in my memories. I will never forget the handsome boy who had come into our lives and added so much joy to our home. We spoiled you rotten but why not? Years went by fast and you aged but still had kitten like attitude ’til ill health took over your little life.

I am thanking the Toronto Humane Society for the privilege of adopting one special boy Wrigley, he was a joy to the family. Now a big hole in our hearts, especially mine, we were so attached.

I love you Mr. Wrigs. Goodbye Mr. Handsome.




September 12, 2016

Hi Morgan and company,

Sputnik (formerly Kaboodle) has come out of hiding this morning and has been quite sociable. He is eating well and using the litter box. He is fascinated with his reflection and his tail and loves hoarding little balls of wool and string. He can get up on the bookshelves to look out the window. He enjoys racing from one end of the apartment to the other in a small grey blur. He is still skittish and usually runs and hides when I get up or move around but he also lets me pet him on my lap and purrs.

Thank you for introducing me to my new furry little friend.