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July 31, 2016

Just to let you know that Artemis (nee Ambassador Fluffy Tail) has fully taken control of her new home (and my lap). I now understand the importance of leaving the tap dripping. She is a talkative and cuddly little buddy and I am very glad to have her share her house with me. I will be back in two weeks to find an older friend for her (hopefully Muffin) to keep her company while I am at work. Overall, a huge success and thank you very much for what you do.



July 31, 2016

Hey everyone.

Radar, who is now named Floyd(!), is adjusting to life quite well here in his home.

He’s very smart, hasn’t had any accidents, and loves to play. He’s feeling much better.

Some photos attached - please make sure Morgan sees these smile


Gabby & Joel



July 19, 2016


Just wanted to give you a 6 month update on my adoption.

My mommy, Stacey is the best. Every weekend we go up north to Muskoka and I get to play outside all day. I am on constant alert for squirrels. I also love, love, love swimming but I do try to drink all the water so I have to stay on the leash while I am in the water. By the end of the day, I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

I have been to see my new Vet and he says I am in tip top shape.

Thanks so much for taking care of me during my stay at the Humane Society and thanks for my new forever home!!

Below are some pictures of me, after swimming, playing in the leaves looking for squirrels (all you can see is my tail), enjoying the fire and me patiently waiting for my Mom to get ready so we can go in the car!!




July 15, 2016

Good morning!

I wanted to give you guys an update as to Havana/Zoya’s progress now that she’s been with us for some months. As I type this, she’s snuggled on the bed beside me, snoozing quietly.

I met Havana (now Zoya) looking for a companion dog in November 2015. She was curled up so small and was so meek, it’s strange to think that she’s the same dog who now hogs the covers and annoys cats with friendship.

She’s come out of her shell, having a gentle personality with kids and cats, and even now has some dog friends she plays with at the park as we have continued success treating her dog aggression. She’s a smart girl, who learns tricks and training very quickly, and is quick like lightning through meadows and over horse jumps (she’d be great for agility training!).

Thank you for facilitating her adoption. She really completes our family, and it would be hard imagining life without her.

Have a lovely day. Thank you again for helping me meet my best buddy.




July 14, 2016

Hello there!

We’re just about to celebrate our 1-year “adoption-versary” with Vincent (formerly known as Zorro) and thought we’d let you know how he’s doing and share some pictures.

We came into this experience knowing we wanted to find a dog who was having a hard time fitting in somewhere. After learning of Vince’s challenge to find a home, we knew he definitely fit the bill.

Many of Vincent’s challenging behaviours that we experienced initially have subsided. He’s maintained his zest for fun, but has learned how to channel his “wild side” for playtime. In the house, he loves nothing more than to snuggle up with us or one of his dog siblings. We’re still working on some leash reactivity issues, but overall, he’s doing exceptionally well. The obedience classes we took at THS were a huge help in Vincent’s transition.

Vince has adapted well to our lifestyle and loves car rides and adventures. He particularly enjoys making passerby’s laugh by popping his head out the sunroof for a bird’s eye view. One of his favourite places to visit is my family’s property in Muskoka where he gets to run off-leash (and get incredibly dirty!)

Several months after adopting Vince, we inherited another dog - Kaly, an Italian Mastiff. Maddox, Vince & Kaly have become very bonded. They love chasing each other and wrestling… almost as much as they love snuggling up together. Vince has definitely thrived in a home with other dogs. He’s just a happy guy who lives for a good time!

Thank you to the team at THS who helped us find Vince and bring him home. Vince has brought a lot of laughs and happiness to our family.

- From Dylan, Kayla & the “kids” (Maddox, Vincent & Kaly)



July 11, 2016

My husband and I adopted Gaya (formerly Ladbug) 6 months ago when she was 2 months from Toronto Humane Society and we are really happy.

Gaya is very friendly and adorable dog. She love to run in the park and also she loves plays with other dogs and people. She has so much energy!!!

Gaya has been trained and she is doing it very well. She sits, stays, down, does drop and leave it.

Thank you to all people at the Toronto Humane Society for your support dedication and bringing happiness to our lives.

Layla and Lucas



July 10, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Bella. Thank you for 4 years of joy and comfort and for being there for us no matter what. Thank you THS for giving such bundle of joy. Bella is our bundle of joy and we are greatful that she adopted us.

From us,

Emmeruth and Marco.



July 07, 2016

I took Ice home at the end of January, 2016 and he has since been the perfect addition to my home. Although very timid at first, I could tell that he had a lot of love to give and just needed some time to feel safe and settled. He had been through so much in the previous month; surrendered at 9.5 years old, fixed, eye surgery, teeth pulled and fur buzzed because of mats. Despite all of this trauma, he was exploring the apartment and interacting with visitors in almost no time.

When people meet him they can’t believe that he was a shelter cat because he is so friendly and rambunctious. Despite being a senior, he enthusiastically plays with his toys and wins the hearts of most everyone he meets. A true companion, I am so thankful to The Humane Society for all of their hard work in ensuring he was healthy enough for adoption; I feel so lucky to get to hang out with him everyday. He is always waiting by the door when I get home to greet me, often with his favourite toy in his mouth.

He has been described as a dog-cat by friends because he loves to play catch and head-butt, and also comes running at the sound of his name. I couldn’t be more grateful to the Humane Society for all the the support they have provided me since adoption, including following up on several health concerns and on his recovery. I hope to share many more happy and healthy years with Ice!



July 06, 2016

Hi, my name is Cookie.

I came to the Toronto Humane Society as a feral dog - a nuisance animal gathered up with others that were not wanted. The THS classified me as ‘profoundly unsocialized’. I was too afraid to look at anyone, sniff or even wag my tail. I didn’t think I would be adopted.

A woman came one day. She lay on the floor of my enclosure. I was too scared to go to her or even sniff her. After half an hour, I got a little braver and moved closer. She spoke softly but didn’t try to touch me. Then I sniffed her. She smelled kind and good. I licked her face.

A THS worker said she had never seen me act that way with anyone else. She put me on hold until she could meet the woman’s husband.

The next day, the woman and her husband both came to see me. They took me home with them. That’s when I got my new name, Cookie.

That was four years ago.

Now I am a social, well behaved and happy dog. I love to meet new people and dogs and go to new places.

Since then, we have traveled to British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Florida. We have walked in the Lions Foundation of Canada Purina Walk for Dog Guides five times. We play all the time, inside and out. We have a huge back yard where we spend lots of time together. I know all kinds of tricks, commands and words. I am a good watch dog. I only growl or bark a few times when the door bell rings or I hear a strange noise. I never get tied up or left outside by myself. We go for lots of walks. I like to use the slides in playgrounds. I love car rides.

Now I am a social, well behaved and happy dog.

I love my Mom and Dad. Their grown son comes to visit and play with me - I love him too.

Please adopt a pet instead of buying one. You’ll make an animal that needs a home, very happy, like me.