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June 25, 2016

Toby (previously Feldman) bouncingly joined our family in November 2015. 2015 was a rough year for our family, especially our 2 young daughters. We are a family of animal lovers, who over the years had rescued 3 dogs and 3 cats. However, in January we lost our chihuahua Finnigan at age 19, then in August we lost our Sheltie Mowgli who was 16 and then our Brown Tabby Nala in November (she was 16). Our remaining chihuahua, Buster, and 2 cats Daisy and Mia, were depressed after losing their brothers and sister that they had spent all their lives with. Our house felt sad and empty and our daughters were heartbroken.

One Sunday, by chance, we showed up at PetSmart on a THS adoption day, where we met numerous pups for adoption and several snagged our hearts. We arrived too late and the available pups all found wonderful new homes. My daughter was heartbroken, and very teary. The wonderful THS volunteer told us about another pup that was unable to make the event due to a longer than expected bout of diarrhea!!!! She said he was sweet, friendly and had come all the way from Stockton, California! On Monday morning, I head to the THS to meet this pup Feldman, and he was fantastic and perfect! I asked my husband to come meet me, and although hesitant to open his heart to a new pup, he immediately fell in love. We placed him on hold and brought our daughters and Buster to meet him the next day. It was love at first sight! The wonderful adoption counsellor met with all of us, provided frank and honest advice and approved our application! Feldman, renamed Toby, came home with us that day.

Toby quickly adjusted to life with 2 old and sometimes grumpy kitties, an aging and sleepy chihuahua and 2 high energy girls and all their friends! However Toby LOVES children! He drops the kids off everyday at school and picks them up at 3. He has easily become a favourite among all the children who come running out to see him everyday! Toby loves sitting in laps, giving wiggle bums and kisses. Our crossing guard Boris keeps his pockets full of liver treats for him on a daily basis. My daughters friend Marcus, sits Toby in his lap and wheels him all over the school ground in his wheelchair. He has become their soccer team mascot! And the best part is that we have shown everyone in our tight knit community how anyone could find the perfect family pet through a rescue organization. The shock in people eyes when they learn that this perfect, sweet, friendly and well-behaved family pet is from the THS is mind boggling. Our family would only adopt a rescue pet, and being able to show others how wonderful rescue dogs are fills us with immense pride. Toby is the best addition to our family that we could have hoped for, and hopefully a puppy that will continue to motivate others to rescue pets in need! The THS staff and volunteers were beyond wonderful and gave us excellent advice and the opportunity to bring Toby into our home and make it feel happy again! Thank you so much THS!



June 24, 2016

In early February of 2016, after babysitting my brother’s dog for a month, I decided it was high time to adopt a dog of my own. I enlisted the help of a friend who had recently adopted a cat from THS, and we headed to the shelter. I wasn’t expecting to find a furbaby that day, but when I happened upon Boo’s (now Murphy) cage, and looked into his sad, little, be-coned face, I was an instant goner.

He wasn’t up for adoption because he hadn’t done his behavioural analysis yet but I knew we were meant for each other so I dogged (pun intended!) the wonderful THS staff everyday for an update and when they said he was available 3 days later, I hurried back to the shelter.

When we had our official first meeting, Murph was timid and apprehensive but showed a quirky, spunky spirit and I was sold. I took him home a few days later.

My first day home with Murph was full of snuggles and I’m thrilled to say that the honeymoon still isn’t over. He is above all, a sweetheart, willing to snuggle up to anyone with a lap.

Our first week together was…interesting - my resident cat, Corona, was not thrilled with his new brother, and Murphy was terrified to be encroaching upon his space.

Slowly (very slowly) they began to tolerate each other and I’m happy to report that though not yet best buds, they sleep within a foot of each other and are more than happy to climb all over one another in friendly competition for treats.

Murphy has become curious, playful with other dogs, and an overall lovebug. He’s still a bit shy around new people but is full of kisses if they come down to his level.

Originally hailing from Texas, Murphy’s first snowstorm was an adventure in patience but he is coming around to Canada’s bizarre weather. When people ask what breed he is, I’ve begun to affectionately refer to him as my Teeny Texan Mutt.

The day I adopted Murphy changed my life, and I’m so happy he has found a forever home with Corona and I. I’m also incredibly grateful to everyone at THS, not only for taking a chance on a little scamp from Texas, but for all the work they do with all the animals in their care. They are wonderful people doing an amazing job and Murphy and I can’t say thank you enough.

Keep it up, Toronto Humane Society!

Love from Murphy, Corona, and Madison.



June 20, 2016

We found Indie—formerly named Norma—this past January after relentlessly searching. Every time we went to find a new family member, we seemed to be too late.

My wife and I, disheartened by our many visits leaving without a cat, decided to give THS one last visit, only to gaze into the wide eyes of the most adorable tuxedo cat. A transfer from the Quintey Humane Society, we couldn’t believe that Indie had gone three months there without being adopted.

Indie made herself at home as soon as she was out of her carrier. She was fearless and adventurous, so we decided to name her after a favorite childhood hero with the same qualities: Dr. Indiana Jones.

Indie sits with us on the couch, and snuggles up with us in bed at night. She stands guard outside the shower, tries to help us make dinner, and greets us every time we come home. We’ve zero need for an alarm clock, as she will remind us every morning with taps or licks that it’s time for her breakfast. When Indie is ready for bed, she stands by the bedroom door, and gives us a sleepy, serious stare. We’re helpless to oblige.

Indie loves to play, including her favorite game of hide and seek. We often play until we both fall to the ground, exhausted from running around. We usually get several slow blinks from her after, to which we always slow blink back. When she’s not playing, she’s attentively watching the birds enjoy their feed on the balcony.

While Indiana isn’t the greatest jumper, she’s quite good at learning new tricks thanks to clicker training. She can come, sit, stay, touch, high five, and jump on command. She loves every human that’s entered through the door, and everyone who’s met her feels the same. If her yellow and green, dichroic eyes don’t make you fall in love, her pink nose surely will.

We couldn’t be more in love with our Dr. Jones and her perfect tuxedo coat. Thank you, THS, for helping us find the perfect family member. We’ll continue to cherish and love her.


Leslie, Kathleen, and Indie



June 15, 2016

Just a note to let you know how wonderful Butterscotch is. He is a relaxed loving boy and our other cat loves him. They licked each other’s forehead yesterday! He is a perfect fit for our family. Thank you!

Frances Anonsen



June 13, 2016

We adopted Brooklyn in October 2015. She is a happy, silly, energetic, and sometimes crazy puppy! She has brought so much love and laughter into our lives! We were a bit nervous bringing Brooklyn home at first, but she quickly settled into her new home. She loves to snooze and take up most of the bed at night but when she’s ready to go outside her favourite thing to do is play frisbee! She’s still anxious around other dogs, but is so gentle and loving to all the people friends in her life.

We’re looking forward to taking Brooklyn on her first camping/canoe trip this summer. She is all geared up with her own backpack and has been practicing swimming and riding in the canoe to prepare.

We’re so grateful to the THS for helping us find Brooklyn and making the transition home so easy.

Adam + Naomi + Brooklyn



June 13, 2016

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a quick day 2 update of how the first day went with Kevin.

He has already starting settling into his new role here in our pack. He is confident and super affectionate with us, and has already attached himself to me personally.

On leash he walks extremely well, he is confident and calm, and is always looking up to myself or Paul for direction and reassurance. In the house he is calm and relaxed, often laying down near Frankie and quietly observing what is going on.

We had one incident where he jumped at the cat as he was jumping onto my lap. I reacted quickly by redirecting him to another spot in the room and he seems to have learned already that it was not acceptable behavior. Since that he has been more respectful of their space and it is something we will continue to monitor closely.

He barked at the sound of people in the hall twice, and each time we called him over to his bed beside the couch and praised his calm behavior. He has already stopped reacting to outside noise, I can tell he is a smart little man.

The first night in the crate was absolutely perfect. He already knows it to be his safe place, and slept calmly and quietly the entire night. There was some excitement this morning when he knew he was coming out, but after about 20 mins of crying he settled himself and we went on with our day.

Feeding has been very successful too, he has found his secret eating spot and is already becoming more confident in eating his food with others around. We haven’t introduced dental chews or toys yet but will slowly reintegrate them into our lives.

Also he is totally house trained as it stands right now, waiting patiently until he is out on his walk to void. Fingers crossed it remains this way!

I know we are still in the honeymoon phase but I already have a strong feeling that he is a perfect match for our little family. With calmness and patience I think he is going to settle in very well, and soon thrive as the bubbly and sweet little dog he wants to be.

I’ll send you guys another update further down the road, but I want to say thank you for your faith in us and for allowing this lovely little man into our lives. We’re both very excited !


Yvonne and Paul.



June 06, 2016


Just wanted to say Thank You to the Toronto Humane Society for all the care and love given to the animals, and specials thanks to Morgan, for making the adoption process a great experience as I’m a first time adopter. The cat I adopted 2 weeks ago is so lovely. A 8 year old female black cat, named Splinter. I renamed her Frimousse (pronounced free-mousse, mousse like in chocolate mousse), Frimousse means Cute Face in French. I know it sounds like free mouse in English… and the pun was not intended at first… but why not? She is a cat after all smile Free Mouse… sounds also like a rallying cry for her feline rights. smile

She has settled very nicely into her new home. The attached are pics I took of her on day 2. The pic where she sleeps on top of a pillow on the empty sofa cracked me up! That was how I found her on the morning after her first night at my place!

She had a cold the first few days but now she is completely recovered. She has started to play a bit, which is nice since she needs to lose a bit of weight. I suspect she is a shy player and only gets into chasing after toys when no one is looking.

She is very mild tempered while being very vocal, which I found very endearing. She seems happy with her new humane LOL.

Once again, thank you very much for introducing me to Frimousse smile




June 02, 2016

George (formally Maurice) came home with me late January. His personality bloomed as time went on. He loves to greet you at the door when you come home and demands gentle belly rubs, he loves it more if you lay down with him and continue to show him affection. What a prince.

He’s recently discovered this weird contraption, known to us humans as a sink. He’s still trying to figure out why he hasn’t caught the water yet. He loves to bring you his toys into your bed in the middle of the night, incase you decide to wake up and want to play. Did you know the type of adventures you can have in the bath tub with a foot towel? George does. He also knows how to play tag, albeit, sometimes he doesn’t like to tell you that we started the game. Wouldn’t change a thing.

So full of energy and spunk, he’s my growing curious George.

Thank you THS for making my life complete!