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Clover and Pekoe

Clover and Pekoe

May 31, 2016


I adopted two rats on May 22, 2016. Clover (previously known as Ollie) and Pekoe (previously known as Calvin) are doing wonderfully. It has now been over a week and both are becoming more and more comfortable with me and their new home. They love fresh veg. and are eager little eaters!

I never had rats before - they are delightful! The cats in my home are adjusting well to the new ladies.



May 30, 2016

Hey there! I wanted to send an update on my recently adopted fur baby Beau.

My name is Destiny Tucker, I’ve had Beau for about a month now and he’s the light of my life. I was worried about his FIV+ status but it has not kept him from being a completely normal cat in any way! Beau loves his morning cuddles and absolutely has to be where the people are whenever he can. His current hobbies include being an excellent alarm clock, a professional nap taker, and being a selfie prince. He’s an adventurous little guy and has the most charming personality despite his perma-grumpface. I am so happy that he was able to transition from shelter life so quickly and I am so grateful to the THS for introducing me to my little furball.

Most importantly I think that Beau is an excellent example of why FIV+ cats should never be dismissed as they can be perfectly happy and healthy!

I hope more fur buddies like Beau find wonderful new homes soon!

Kind regards,

Destiny R. Tucker



May 27, 2016

Hi Caitlyn, Alessia & Co!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve just reached the 1-week mark with Thompson (formerly Ambert) and he is settling in wonderfully. He is a lovely, happy, affectionate, smart, inquisitive little guy and we love him to bits. We are enjoying lots of walks, naps, play time, meeting new people and cuddles. We will soon be starting “Puppy Life Skills” training classes and are looking forward to this experience together!

Thanks again for helping us find our new best friend!

Cait, Eric & Thompson

PS—No more crying in the crate. He gets in there like he owns the joint!



May 24, 2016

Hi there,

My name is Caela and I adopted a dog from the Toronto Humane Society at the end of July, 2015. I wanted to send in a photo so that Yukon (formerly Mitchell) could be pictured in the “adopted dogs” book. He is doing very well in his new home! He is a happy, healthy pooch, and he has come a very long way with his obedience and trick training. We took a beginners obedience class at THS which gave us a great introduction to clicker training, and after building on that foundation for a few months Yukon now confidently understands over 30 different cues for various tricks and obedience behaviours. We both have loads of fun showing off for friends at the park . Thank you so much for everything!

Chloe and Pepsi

Chloe and Pepsi

May 23, 2016

Chloe came before me by a little over a months time but she didn’t like me much at first. But then dads mothers health wasn’t the greatest so he got us ready to move and we had to spend time in closer courters then we were used to during the last few weeks at the Toronto residence. We learned to get along very well honestly during that time and now race around playing for the most part.

Daddy took us to Hamilton Ontario where we stayed with his mother and sister for a little since his mother had to have surgery. We then moved once more into the place we are at currently.

Chloe and I adore this new place and just want to laze around or race around depending on our moods!

Daddy recently adopted two guinea pigs from the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA who are cute girls but me and Chloe leave them be. Daddy never has to worry we don’t bother then. Only list and watch them sometimes heheh!

We love our daddy and our guinea pig sisters!

Dr. Sammy Fuzzyface

Dr. Sammy Fuzzyface

May 22, 2016


We adopted Valeria from the Petsmart (Laird and Eglinton) on May 14. I wanted to send you some photos and an update on how she’s doing (unfortunately, we couldn’t get a good shot of all of us).

We changed Valeria’s name to Dr. Sammy Fuzzyface. Sammy is a sweet and playful kitten. She’s a pleasure to have around and is fast becoming best friends with our 5 year-old daughter, Elliot. You guys did a great job with her because she loves to be around people and doesn’t mind when our daughter gets loud and rambunctious. She’s been eating well and using her litterbox and has found some favourite places to relax in the house. We took her home in the box that she was brought to the store in and have left it out for her as a safe spot - she hasn’t gone back in it since we got her home and also hasn’t gone into hiding for more than about 30 seconds at a time. She’s adjusting really well. We’re so happy to have her in our family - she is a perfect fit!

We also wanted to thank the man who came to Petsmart the morning we adopted her. He was really helpful and spent a lot of time answering our questions.

Thank you,

Shanna, Adam and Elliot

Miro and Drago

Miro and Drago

May 20, 2016

I adopted these boys 4 years ago. I never could have imagined how much joy they would bring my life.

They grew from the tiniest of little balls of fur to beautiful cats. They still wake up extremely early and they still play like kittens.

Adopting these two brothers was one of the best choices in my life - yes I have to clean up cat hair, yes I had to buy a robotic vacuum to keep my house cat hair free, yes I have to clean out a litter box everyday but these are the smallestof prices to pay to see these two beautiful faces when I come home from work everyday.

Drago loves morning cuddles and Miro loves evening cuddles so there is lots of love for everyone.

There is absolutely no greater joy than a kitty face bump. No matter how tough the day is these two always make everything ok again.

Thank you THS for bringing us together.



May 19, 2016

Hi! My name is Nibbler, and I was found in a box on the street before coming to live at the Toronto Humane Society. I’m a bit older (well, geriatric by rat standards) at 3 years old, so I spent several months at the shelter waiting to be adopted. It was much better than the box I was in (non-stop food and treats? Yes please!), but it could be a bit loud so I often slept in my igloo. One day this woman came in, and for some reason she kept calling my name and looking in my cage. She came several times, and I was confused as to why she kept looking at me when there were so many young lively rats ready for adoption. But she kept visiting, so I started to come out of my igloo to check her out.

One day as I was in the shelter’s playpen having my daily exercise and treats, she came and started playing with me. Then she decided to take me home! Boy was I happy. I arrived in my new home to lots of toys and things to chew on, ramps to climb and new smells to explore. She has been very patient with me as I learn about my new environment. I’ve been having trouble cleaning myself in my old age (and I’m a bit heavy so… it’s hard to reach everywhere. My joints aren’t what they used to be.) so she gives me sponge baths and combs my hair daily. It’s like a spa here! I get to explore the couch while she watches movies, and if I settle in she gives me lots of cuddles and scritches (that’s what we like to call it when humans scratch us behind the ears and down our backs. It’s awesome, trust me).

I want to send a big thank you to the lovely people at the Humane Society who nursed me back to health and got me ready for adoption. You guys are the best! I’m going to go enjoy my retirement now. Catch you on the flip side J

PS. My new friend wants me to tell you that rats are amazing pets and that age is only a number. Rats are like a combination of cats and dogs, but smaller and quiet. We like to eat, explore, learn, and as long as you give us lots of treats and attention we will do anything you want. We love giving kisses too. Maybe come check us out!



May 10, 2016

About a month ago my partner and I adopted Bento - formerly Opie - from THS. Since bringing him home, we’ve seen his personality bloom. The shy yet friendly cat we met at THS has become a playful cat who will demand affection loudly. He’s exactly what we were hoping for. He’ll “talk” back and forth with us, curl up on our laps, and hunt all of our shoelaces.

I have hope you have a good day!


Stephanie I.


May 09, 2016

No Pics yet…coming later. My husband and I adopted Rose almost 6 weeks ago when she was about 2 1/2 months old. This adorable kitten has been the love of our lives. Mommy’s little girl settled in right away and claimed the apartment and our hearts as hers. She’s now 4 months loves to curl up on her soft blankets, playing with her toy mice, using her scratching post and is daddy’s little princess. Our little social eater is getting better about eating and is gaining weight at the right pace. She still has manner trouble with jumping up on counters, the dining room table and scaling the curtains but she’s learning. Rose sends special kisses and thanks to everyone at THS who helped her get to her forever home.

Lorna and Nick