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August 06, 2015

On May 3rd, 2015, we took a trip to the Toronto humane society to see an adorable puppy we thought would be perfect to add to our family. When we got to see the puppy, we knew right away this puppy was not for us. Disappointed, but happy we made the right choice not to adopt him, we were about to leave without a dog.

That’s when Jennifer Brown showed us Sophie. She was in a quiet back area that was not open for viewing as she had just arrived from a shelter that had her for too long. She had a soft gaze, beautiful eyes, and was listed as a “hidden gem.”

When we asked about her we found that she had shown aggression towards children (the child was purposefully stepping on her toes) and had injured a dog very badly during a meet and greet.

Should we adopt her? Can we handle this? - there were many things we had to ask ourselves.

We have now had Sophie for 3 months. Did we make the right choice?? - ABSOLUTELY! What an amazing, intelligent animal! She has filled our lives with love, companionship and she loves to be outdoors which gets us outside as much as possible. She has made a few very close dog friends that she runs with regularly.

We are still curious about the breeds she is mixed with… We have gotten a few comments from people who have Great Danes asking if she is a Great Dane puppy! Thankfully she is fully grown at 5 years old, as she is a very large dog!

She loves to play! We couldn’t be happier with our Sophie-beans :p Thank you so much Jennifer Brown and the Toronto Humane Society! You do such a great job matching the right animals with families.

Erika, Matt and Sophie



August 06, 2015

Alice has only been with me for one evening and now we are going into our second day, but she has been settling in very well. She is such a sweet tiny girl and chirps, purrs, trills and talks a blue streak!! She is so adorable.

Loves to be gently petted and stroked and rolls over to let her belly be rubbed as well. A sure sign she trusts me. Last evening she slept with me and I was so thrilled. I had to be extra careful as she is so petite!!

Alice follows me around the apartment and sits and watches whatever I am doing. She also loves softly playing classical music and looking out the windows at all of the trees and birds.

Alice isn’t used to the cat cave bed or the “Maru burger bed” yet, but has played with some of the toys, the wand toy being her favourite.

As she becomes more used to realizing that this is really her home now forever and ever, she will not be so anxious.

I have noticed her marking every corner of everything she comes to, rubbing the side of her face and leaving her scent and saying, ok this is mine, and this, and this, and this…....lol!! Soooo cute. I love her so much. She is a precious tiny angel.

Thank you to the wonderful THS staff (especially Kat) who were so kind, thoughtful, generous of time, considerate and caring of their little charges. Toronto Humane Society is a wonderful place to find that special little friend for life who will bring love and joy to your heart.

Thank you THS from the bottom of our hearts,
Linda Herrington and Alice Augusta Herrington



August 04, 2015

I am extremely happy with my new cat she is always cuddling me and she curls in on the bed with me and sleeps all night she loves to play a lot.

I am enjoying the company and I was glad I got to rescue a life in need she has warmed up nicely to the apartment and me thank you to the good people at the Toronto Humane Society for your dedicated work with animals.

Sean Graham



August 01, 2015


I came to the Toronto Humane Society back in July 2014 a few times looking for a cat. Although I spent some time looking through all the rooms and visiting many cats during my multiple visits, one finally caught my eye due to the facial markings, some what like a pirates eye patch. She was originally named Holiday, however she has since been renamed Kabuki. Some would call it kismet, but Kabuki had just been brought to THS within the hour I showed up. Although the adoption agent said they hadn’t received all of her papers yet, I was informed she was rescued from an animal hoarding situation. Since her background stated that she was use to other cats, I knew she would be a great match for my other cat Tinkerbell, who is now almost 19 years old! Even with the huge age gap between the two cats, they get along great and can normally be found together. Although I tend to go through more toilet paper these days (see bottom left picture) I am so glad THS brought Kabuki into my life.

Due to being so pleased with how all the staff at Toronto Humane Society assisted me with Kabuki’s adoption, I have since started volunteering weekly in the feline enrichment program to help assist more kittens and cats find forever homes just like Kabuki did! So happy to be able to give back to such a great cause.

Olivia Hughes