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August 27, 2015

Hi there,

My Boyfriend and I, adopted our sweet boy Sunny on September 1st, 2012.

I had been in love with Sunny from the moment I found his photo on the website, and I knew I had too much love in my heart and needed a sweet boy like Sunny to share it with. He was 3 and a half then, It seemed odd that such a beautiful calm boy, had been with you for 5 months, but on meeting my boy, I found out that he had been on vitamin b injections-he was overlooked because people don’t want to give their cats needles.

That morning we headed to River Street, and were introduced to the first of many “cat rooms” I am a huge softy and broke down in tears almost instantly, all of those lovely creatures crying for my attention-then I found Sunny’s crate. He was sleeping, as calm as can be, I gently called to him and knew as soon as his eyes found mine, that he was family. We brought him home and in the 3 years since he arrived, he has been nothing but sweetness. We’ve seen him turn into the brave and silly King of our home, He has found his voice (and never fails to remind us), He’s found his home. I owe so much to the Toronto Humane Society-I’ve heard that when you adopt you save a life, but Sunny has saved mine.

He left you healthy, but you found him when he was just skin and bone-you gave him life-saving procedures. That kind of devotion, only comes from hearts full to burst. Sunny is happy, healthy, and we love him unconditionally. Thank you.

Best, Cassie

Bella and Titan

Bella and Titan

August 27, 2015

To everyone at the Toronto Humane Society!!

When you had the big Mega Sale at the CNE grounds June 5 2015 it was the best decision we ever made to go there that day. That’s when we found my fur babies. They are now named Bella and Titan which suits them to a tee. LOL.

They were 2 months old when we brought them home and they were very skittish and were not used to human touch or anything. We have spent a lot of time with them, esp me and they have come a long, long way in 3 months!! They are very playful…they eat very well (esp Titan LOL) and they have the run of the apartment.

Titan is very cuddly and affectionate and loves playing in the tub, with no water of course. Bella took longer to come around than Titan did. Its probably the past couple weeks that she finally let me pet her. Since then she is really breaking out of her shell. She loves the attention now and she is getting more loving by the day!! I spent a lot of time with them and we didn’t rush them either. We let them trust us on their own.

They are the two sweetest kittens and they definitely know who “Mommy” and “Daddy” are. Thank you soooo very much for bringing them into our lives. They are well loved and spoiled and will always have a forever home with us!!

Thanks again and keep up the great work that you do to find forever homes for our four legged friends!!!

Margaret Kennedy

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell

August 18, 2015

Tinker Bell (her name was changed from Jengo Fett).

A little over a year ago after losing our beloved cat to cancer we decided that our home was too empty without a cat. So… we decided to head to the Toronto Humane Society with our two children. We made a few trips until finally it was love at first site. Our daughter changed her name to Tinker Bell and there was been no looking back. For the first few days she hid under the couch only peeking out to see if we were still close by and would come out to eat when no one was around. Today she follows us around the house and welcomes us home everyday. She is very vocal and even gives high fives. She spends most of her days laying in her favourite spot laying on couch basking in the sun that comes through our front window. Thank you Toronto Humane Society for you patience and help in finding the purrfect match for our family.

Honey and Sweetie

Honey and Sweetie

August 16, 2015

Dear Toronto Humane Society,

I am happy to report that today is the 1 year anniversary of the two new little additions to our family. As this is my first happy tail for them, please bear with me as it is a little long. A year ago today I brought home Honey and Sweetie. I had wanted to adopt a pair of budgies for awhile, and so I was excited to see that the THS had a bonded pair up for adoption. I fell in love with their cute little faces; and through a long process of trying to find the perfect habitat for them I was finally able to bring them home. I adopted these lovely pair of bonded budgies on August 17, 2014. When I brought them home they were understandably very nervous at first, being in a new cage in a totally new environment, but they have become much more comfortable. They are in a new, spacious, all-white cage in our living room, where they have frequent contact with everyone in the family throughout the day. Honey and Sweetie are next to a full wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling window that gets generous amounts of light and warmth, and their view faces south into our backyard where the girls can look out and see the large green trees, blue sky, and natural daylight.

When I first brought Honey (the blue/white) and Sweetie (the green/yellow) home that sunny Sunday morning, it didn’t take them long before they devoured their spray millet treat and looked around curiously, making soft noises, and cuddling up to each other. Now they are not nearly as nervous. Their developments over the year include taking a bath while I hold the bird bath in my hand (they just hop in!), and after a lot of time and patience they eat their treat right out of my hand, which is a very impressive improvement in their level of comfort! Honey and Sweetie get so excited over their treat that they sometimes get possessive, so I put some in each hand so they get their own to nibble on. It’s adorable to watch them eat, and sweet how they have warmed up to me and the rest of my family.

Honey and Sweetie’s cage is in our living room, which is generally a very quiet and relaxing room, but on occasion we play various types of music, and also play videos of budgies flying and chirping away in their native Australia, and the girls love this. They do have the ideal spot in the house which allows for different types of stimulation for them, and they are very content with all the sights and sounds, and family members they have gotten to know. Even our cat Sooty, as curious as he is, has accepted them and displays this by his overall indifference and preference for naps, which has made us all relieved and happy. Some mornings Honey and Sweetie chirp away very loudly, singing their hearts out, and that has been the sound that has been missing in our family for awhile, as we all adore birds.

It has been wonderful getting to know Honey and Sweetie, and with each day they show even more of their individual and adorable personalities. In the mornings they often greet me with soft chirps and a synchronized stretch; display lots of excitement and energy throughout the day and their synchronized yawns at night when they get sleepy. It is cute how in sync they are with each other – taking turns at a favourite spot on a perch or food dish – they have a way to signal to each other when their time is up. Honey is the more vocal and assertive one, Sweetie is the quieter, calmer one. Sometimes they alternate in leadership and often when one tries something first, the other will soon follow. They are constantly communicating with one another, reassuring the other, and being affectionate. Watching them preen each other is also a very cute and sweet sight to see!

I’ve kept their original names, as I feel that they suit their personalities perfectly. Honey and Sweetie are little ladies that are both as lovely as their names make them out to be! I look forward to getting to know them more as they continue to grow even more comfortable in their forever home.

A big thank you to the Toronto Humane Society, and to Neil Reilly for all his help throughout and after the adoption process.




August 16, 2015

Hello Toronto Humane Society

Who knew that a tiny little grey kitten could change our lives in such a huge way? A year ago today my boyfriend and I were adopted by Lise ( aka Crumpet ).

When we walked into the cat area of the THS, we were overwhelmed by the amount of animals that needed a home. How would we decide which one was right for us? Where do we begin?

As we made our around the halls, we decided to just let fate take over. if there was a cat here for us, we would know. if not? We would come back another day. Then all of a sudden, there she was. Curled up in her litter box, fluffy grey fur everywhere and the most beautiful bright green eyes just staring at us. Right then, we knew she was the one. As soon as we finished our interview, we went to her cage and she walked over to us and placed her tiny head right into the palm of my hand.

Lise ( aka Crumpet ) had chosen us and we couldn’t have been more instantly in love.

A year later and the love has just grown. Her whisper meows, stealing socks from the laundry, and morning cuddles are just a few things we look forward to daily.

Thank you THS for the most amazing cat in the world. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

Melanie & Kazimir



August 14, 2015

Hello Toronto Humane Society,

About three months ago we adopted Rosie (formally named Bibi) from PetSmart. There were many other adorable little fluffy kittens that we loved too, but when we finally got to meet them Rosie was the most affectionate.

Once we had gotten home with her she immediately was roaming around exploring her new home. Rosie follows me everywhere I go and at first she didn’t like to be held very much. She wouldn’t scratch or bite, but she would wiggle around. In the short time that we’ve had her we kept working on it and now she loves to cuddle and lets us hold her as long as we’re walking or bouncing her.

Rosie is also very much like a dog she loves to beg for our food and if you leave any cup out with liquid in it she will drink it. If you’re at the other end of the hall and you call her name excitedly she comes running to you!

And last but not least you cannot leave the toilet seat open because Rosie will jump on the seat and drink the water. All in all Rosie has settled amazingly and we love her to bits.



August 13, 2015

Monty has settled in very well! We adopted him on Monday, Aug 10th.

He is finally brave enough to explore the rest of the house. He is still a bit cautious around our German Shepperd, but I would be too!

He is a lovely addition to our home and we made a great decision by choosing him!

Jennifer & Brandon



August 10, 2015

Wesley, the furry dwarf hamster, is all settled in and loving his mansion of a hideout. Never having a hamster before I wondered what kind of personality they would carry. Wesley always let me know when I was invading his boundaries by punching me. He never squeaked or tried to bite so he was very easy to communicate with!

Today he trusts me quite handsomely and often paws at the window when I walk by and wants to get out for a bit. He’s great to pet and hold. He much prefers to climb the bars of this Retreat or jump from his cave to get to the balcony than use the ramp. It’s always cute to see his furry butt scurrying away or stuffing his cheeks with food. His favourite treat is slivered almonds!

It’s been so much fun arranging his home and entertaining him with hiding food. His latest hideout is where I half buried a paper towel roll - I can see the bedding moving where he’s burrowing underneath! Thanks for bringing little Wesley to me. We have yet to watch Hamtaro together.



August 07, 2015

Having enjoyed such success with Guimauve, the sweet little white mouse we adopted on May 3, we were hoping to add a gerbil to make our little family complete. Then along came Hector - we adopted him on June 8 and all we can say is that time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Hector is a friendly and playful little guy who has boundless energy and endless enthusiasm! He’s always up for the day’s adventures and is an incredibly smart little scamp. He’s also a champion chewer and we’re had our work cut out for us in keeping him supplied with toilet paper rolls and such (perhaps we should consider hiring him out for confidential document shredding - we could make a fortune!) In just under two months this mischievous little charmer has found a place in our home and our hearts, right next to Guimauve, and we’re so happy to have him!

Our thanks to you again Devon, as well as Neil, for all of your help with this second adoption. Keep up the good work!

- Janice and Richard Zajac



August 06, 2015

It has been over a year since we took home our lovable Meeka, formally known by the Toronto Humane Society as Mandy. She was a gorgeous one and a half year old puppy when we first took her home, and from the get go we were told that she was not going to be a people dog. She was not going to want to be touched and petted and hugged. I remember the Toronto Humane Society introducing her to us and we were told to let her walk around us and sniff us but that we shouldn’t touch her. We were told that she would bite us, that she would be aloof and unfriendly when it came to physical attention.

Now, a year later, she is my darling girl who is as energetic as ever. Who likes to curl up at the end of my bed after a long day, who pushes her head in to my chest when she says hello, who leans against me when she wants attention throughout the day, who lets any adult touch her when she meets them. She still doesn’t want attention all the time and that won’t ever change, but she will let me kiss her on the head and give her a hug and a long pet whenever I have left the house for more than five minutes. Meeka will let me lie on the floor next to her and pet her chest without moving away, or give her belly rubs anytime of the day. She loves to play, she loves to run, and slowly but surely she is starting to love attention.

Thank you the Toronto Humane Society for introducing me and the rest of the family to my beautiful, darling princess Meeka. She makes my whole world better.