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July 11, 2015


This May I happened upon a picture of Susan on your website, and fell in love immediately. Susan, now known as Lucy, settled right into her new home and explored to her heart’s content.

She is an absolute cuddlebug, and loves playing with her toys. She follows me everywhere around the house, especially when she hears the fridge open. Lucy binks around regularly and loves to climb and look for trouble.

She is growing so fast. I think she will be a big bunny. I’ve included some pictures of her.

Looking forward to many happy years with Lucy.

Thank you so much THS.



July 10, 2015

It has just been a little over a month that we brought home Tyson on June 5, 2015. I am so pleased that he is a member of our family. He settled in right away and has acted as though he has lived here from the day he was born!

We have been working hard in puppy classes and he has also been officially declared as my emotional support dog for now until the training is complete for a service dog. He is amazing and loves riding with me on my mobility scooter!

He loves his toys as well and I have to say his favorite are the squeaky ones! He loves retrieving thrown toys too. He runs to get them, brings them back, drops it at my feet, will site down until I throw it again! He is so fun to play with and has brought so much joy! What a wonderful addition!




July 06, 2015

Dear THS,

We just wanted to update you on our newest little princess, Mia. We adopted her in May 2015 after Mia had spent over a year with her foster mom Nasim, recuperating from multiple surgeries on her front leg.

We so are happy to report she is healing well and fitting right in with her 10 year old, toothless (and rather grouchy) rescue Chihuahua sister named Poppy, and both of our rescue cats (Winnie and Woowoos) seem to have taken to little Mia’s antics quite well!

Mia has formed such a strong and special bond with my eldest daughter Beatrice, and little ‘Mee’ as we refer to her has quickly become Beatrice’s tiny shadow, following her whenever she goes and waiting for her to return whenever she leaves her sight. Mia is the most affectionate, cuddly and super sassy girl! She loves to play with all of her ‘stuffies’ and enjoys snuggling on laps and shoulders and even our heads during the night.

Mia has brought such joy and laughter into our house and our lives (and has helped to trim a pound or two off of Poppy’s waistline from their playtime!) and we can’t imagine life without our little Ewok. Thank you to everyone for helping this precious girl make her way into our lives and hearts.