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July 31, 2015

We fostered Kittieton, now named Cow, for a month and finalized her adoption 2 days ago. She is 4 years old and has taken over my home. She has learned to fetch and is starting to cuddle. She has become a pillow hog at night, curls up on my pillow with the look of where are you sleeping. We were very lucky to find her.

Thank you to adoption office and special thanks to Caity and Sarah in the foster office.

Cathie and Cow



July 30, 2015

Hey there!

I adopted Guidoune (now Olive) almost 10 months ago. Time flies! She is the sweetest and friendliest cat I have ever met, and everyone who meets her falls in love. Thank you all so much for all of the work that you do!

Alyssa and Olive

Popcorn Sprocket

Popcorn Sprocket

July 29, 2015


My name is Letha, and I adopted a then-2-month-old kitten named Shreddies in February. One name change (to Popcorn Sprocket) and 6 months later, he is a happy little weirdo who brings be a great deal of joy. He has already earned his keep by catching a kitchen mouse.

Thanks for hooking me up with this cool little dude!

Letha Victor

Elliot and Hugo

Elliot and Hugo

July 24, 2015


I adopted two rats, Frank (now Elliot) and Yakko (now Hugo), in March and I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you guys. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I didn’t totally expect to become rat obsessed, but it happened anyways. Elliot is almost too smart for his own good and is my adventure rat. Hugo is the sweetest, gentlest little gem and likes to be close to me. Thank you so much for the work you do to help guys like mine find loving forever homes. Here are some pics of their happy adventures, I couldn’t pick just one.

- Kassi



July 23, 2015

Hi Jennifer and Humane Society Team,

We recently celebrated our first year with our dog Leonard (Beck) that we adopted from the Toronto Humane Society. We wanted to thank you and the Humane Society for all your help and hard work. We are so happy to have Leonard in our life. He has come a long way, but everyday he gains more and more confidence and trust in his surroundings. He is playful, gentle, so intelligent and has become very affectionate which we obviously love! He is still the humble gentlemen that he was:)

Thanks again!
Melissa and Dane



July 21, 2015

My son Eric and I adopted Remil in July 2013. He was a little skiddish, a little over protective, and aggressive towards other animals. With patient training and lots of loving (He loves cuddling) Remil has become a wonderful pet and our best buddy. He is a good dog who is playful and happy, but he still hates squirrels!

Diane Thorley



July 20, 2015

Hello Toronto Humane Society

Who knew that a tiny little grey kitten could change our lives in such a huge way. A year ago today my boyfriend and I were adopted by Lise ( aka Crumpet ).

When we walked into the cat area of the THS, we were overwhelmed by the amount of animals that needed a home. How would we decide which one was right for us? Where do we begin?

As we made our around the halls, we decided to just let fate take over. if there was a cat here for us, we would know. if not? We would come back another day.

Then all of a sudden, there she was. Curled up in her litter box, fluffy grey fur everywhere and the most beautiful bright green eyes just staring at us.

Right then, we knew she was the one. As soon as we finished our interview, we went to her cage and she walked over to us and placed her tiny head right into the palm of my hand.

Lise ( aka Crumpet ) had chosen us and we couldn’t have been more instantly in love.

A year later and the love has just grown. Her whisper meows, stealing socks from the laundry, and morning cuddles are just a few things we look forward to daily.

Thank you THS for the most amazing cat in the world. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

Melanie & Kazimir



July 18, 2015

Hi Toronto Humane Society,

I took Kitsu home this past May and I couldn’t be more thankful she’s mine. The shelter was incredible in their dedication to providing me all of the information I needed to make this adoption a success. I was warned that Kitsu had social problems, as she was feral, and I’m so glad I didn’t let that stop me from giving her a forever home; with some patience and love, she has quickly become the sweetest, most cuddly 7 month old cat I’ve come across. Thanks Toronto Humane Society!

Emily and Kitsu (formally named Clyde)



July 17, 2015

Shyla, was surrendered emaciated Jan 2015 and needed a feeding tube. THS nursed her back to life from Jan-Apr 2015, as she nearly died.

Since adopting Shyla April 2015, she has adjusted very well and is quite enjoying her new home. She has such a lovely disposition and is very sweet. I am also very pleased to share with THS staff that Shyla is eating very well. Loves, Go! brand chicken, turkey and duck dry food, and b.f.f. wet.

My photo is of Shyla on the window sill and Sisco on the bed on a Sunday morning enjoying the sunshine. A morning ritual for both of them. She enjoys being with Sisco, her big brother, also adopted from THS May 2012 and also found emaciated. He enjoys her company, and keeps her active, as he loves running and jumping.

Everyday when I return home from work and open my door, they are there to greet me together. They are such a joy and so special.

Thank you to the Toronto Humane Society staff for giving Shyla and Sisco back their lives and thank you to all THS supporters. THS provided such phenomenal care and love.

Keep up the great work!

Smiles and warm regards,




July 13, 2015

Well, this is our third update since January when we adopted Rufus.

We’d like to let you know that we adopted another 5 month old puppy.

We’d like to introduce you to our new rescue. His name is Jax and he’s an Alaskan Husky.

Jax was being kept in a small crate for 20 hours a day in a small apartment in Toronto.

The owners, recognizing they were out of their league, were going to surrender him to the Toronto Humane Society so we agreed to foster him until a suitable new owner could be found.

We got him on Wednesday at 11am. By 3pm, after watching Rufus and Jax play, we decided to keep him.

He is an absolute beautiful dog. He’s very social with other animals but quite timid around new humans, however, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement with him over the past 4 days.

Hopefully, we can have him house trained in a short period of time.

Two pics attached. First one has Jax trying to share a bed with Rufus. It’s hard to see, but Rufus is in the picture!!

Second picture is after our 7km hike with a cooling off period in the pond. While Rufus loves to retrieve balls in the water, Jax prefers to splash around in the shallow end!!

Thank again for all your hard work with all the animals.

Darryl and Irit