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June 30, 2015

My boyfriend took a gander at THS a few weeks after our beloved Bubbles (tabby of ten years) passed. Tashia stretched out her paw and welcomed him. A week later, he convinced me to take a look at her. I was completely smitten by her gorgeousness and love.

Now, she’s a happy kitty with her condo, bed box and toys, plenty of treats and most of all, lots of love.

Thank you, THS, we’re very grateful for Tashia. She’s our daughter and very loved smile



June 28, 2015

Tonk has been with us for over 6 months now and he’s been one of the biggest joys in our lives. He is our first cat and has made us fall in love with felines (we’ve always counted ourselves as dog people). He loves having conversations, cuddles, his ‘da bird’ toy, and his food! He hates to be apart from us and does this thing where he stares you right in the eye and makes the cutest cry when he wants something. Although he’s not the most agile or active cat in the world, he makes us laugh every single day with his antics.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers (and to Fiona our adoption coordinator) for taking care of Tonk!



June 24, 2015

It is amazing to think that only 3 weeks ago we brought Mulan home. Now named Tesla, because she is a bundle of energy. We’re delighted to have her in our home.

We’ve included a photo of her in a rare moment where she has been sitting still!

Thanks for all you help with getting Tesla (aka Mulan) into her home. She has settled in nicely.


The McCormicks



June 23, 2015

Thank you to the Toronto Humane Society, thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you hadn’t brought an ailing 12 year old husky from Durham to Toronto, I would never have met my Ouie, and my world would be a much smaller place. After going through a heart-breaking experience with a rescue from Hurricane Katrina who had severe aggression, I had begun to doubt myself, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to be a good mom, to give a dog what he needed to be a good dog, and be happy. But Ouie has brought back all the joy, all the sunshine of being a rescue mom. And with all the love and dedication of the wonderful team at the THS, Ouie has got past all his major health issues and he’s a healthy, happy ol’ guy. The THS saved his life, and in doing so, brought so much joy into this world.

Ouie is our rock star. He stops traffic on Queen Street when he majestically saunters past. People stop and gasp, children run up to him and he licks their faces because he’s always super happy to meet a person of any age. And if he meets another doggie, he’ll forget that he’s 13 and a half, and start dancing and giving puppy bows and expressing his very vocal joy at meeting a brother or sister in the hood. Ouie loves the world, and the world loves him back. He brings a ray of simple joy into our lives every single day, and for that, we are so grateful.

Thank you, THS, keep doing the wonderful work that you do!
Aparna & Graham



June 14, 2015

This handsome Husky Retriever’s name is Charlie!

We adopted him back in April, he came to us as Ludacris but we decided Charlie was a better fit. It took no time at all for him to become comfortable with our family and his new brother (a hyper Boxer named Prince). Apart from some separation anxiety and some nervous chewing he has been doing very well!

He loves running around the yard with his brother, giving kisses, and cuddling with his family. Needless to say, Charlie loves his new home and family. And we love him right back! This sweet sweet boy has stolen our hearts! We are so grateful to have him.

Thank you to THS and the awesome staff who helped us bring this fella home.

Sincerely, the McDonald family.



June 11, 2015

I went to the mega adopt-a-thon last weekend and fell for 11 year-old Gulliver. It’s not even been a week since he came home with me and he has most definitely claimed this space as his (I believe I have been deemed acceptable as well). Before adopting, I’d read up on settling a cat into a new home (prepare a quiet space, expect him to be timid and off food for a few days, etc.) but it was immediately clear that Gulliver didn’t get that memo. As soon as I opened his box he jumped out, did a calm, thorough tour of my condo and then flopped on his back on the rug waiting to be scratched. Our only “disagreement” so far is that Gulliver thinks 5 AM is a great time for breakfast and I do not; we are currently in negotiations.

Gulliver is a total sweetheart! Given his adventures (including losing his tail) I think Gulliver is a perfect name.


Karen Paquin



June 07, 2015

Dear THS / Devon and Neil:

We adopted Guimauve, a female mouse, on May 3, 2015. We were quite taken with her story because she was described as somewhat of a “special needs” mouse owing to her extreme shyness.

Since bringing her home she has settled in very nicely and is starting to come out of her shell, slowly but surely. Despite her timidness, she is a very gentle little girl when handled. She is also the tidiest mouse we’ve ever had and very fastidious about her personal grooming (in other words, quite a girly-girl!) We have maintained her on the mouse kibble as recommended by the THS but we mix in a tiny amount of treats, which she certainly seems to enjoy—she piles a huge amount of bedding on top of the food bowl each morning, presumably to hide it from other mice (even though she is the only pet we currently have!) In just over a month she’s managed to charm her way into our hearts and we’re so glad to have her!

Thank you so very much, Devon and Neil, for allowing us the opportunity to bring Guimauve into our lives. The Toronto Humane Society is a wonderful organization and you should all be very proud of the great work that you do on behalf of the animals!


Janice and Richard Zajac



June 04, 2015

We (Emmeruth and Marco) just want to thank the Toronto Humane Society for giving us a wonderful family member “Bella”. We adopted her on October 2012 and her name was “Wednesday”. We love her so much and she gives us so much love, happiness and companionship. She was 3 month old at the time and was born July 2012. Her birthday is coming soon on July 10 and every year we celebrate our birthday together since mine is on the 21st. Again, thank THS and please see all the pictures of Bella through the years we have her. She is such a blessing to us and we are grateful to her for choosing us to be her family.

Emmeruth and Marco