Happy Tails

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December 04, 2014

Good morning!

I know its only been twelve hours but I thought you’d like to know that we had a great night! Hubert was pretty anxious on the car ride home but no accidents as he went for us before we left. He loved the back window. Got him home and he was hesitant for about twenty minutes but soon enough he was roaming and exploring. He learned a valuable lesson about the fireplace being hot! He growls at it occasionally to make sure it knows to stay away from him.

Best news of all he slept through the night in his new crate and waited to go outside in the AM!!!

Thanks again for all of your help yesterday. It was comforting to know you didn’t want him going home with just anybody. Ill send you an update in a few months time with how he is doing.

-James Callaghan



December 01, 2014

Hi All,

We just wanted to share with you our own VERY happy tails story of our boy named Finn.

Exactly a year ago today (December 1, 2013) WE were rescued by a little three year old feral cat named Jake, now forever know as Finnegan (Finn for short).

He was a known member of a feral cat community and was in for an abbess tooth. After his surgery the doctors decided to put him on the floor for adoption rather than releasing him back out onto the cold December streets. Three hours later we met him. We didn’t need any time with him. He was so receptive towards us we knew that he had picked us.

Today, Finn rules the house and is the sweetest little man. He talks to us all the time, he’s so affectionate and quite the comedian, Finn always makes us laughing. We couldn’t imagine not having him in our family.

Thank you for all you do, and for completing our little family (Although, Finn might be asking for a brother or sister)

Kind Regards,

Dani, Jeff & Finn